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Red Team: State of the Community (December 2022)

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Happy Holidays, Red Team!

It’s December, and the Holiday Season is on! I’m sure most of you (if not all) are getting ready to celebrate Christmas with friends and family, busy with last-minute shopping, and planning for a great and tasty meal.

As we get ready to celebrate Christmas and the coming of 2023, I’d like to share some of the Red Team Community highlights since June 2022 (when I posted the first State of the Community blog).    

Since June 2022:

Supporting Red Team’s LAN parties and Streams: As some of you may have noticed, we supported our friends @Key-J and @AFKG-Curtis (a.k.a. AFKids Gaming) Stream and their raffles as well as @BigAl01 and @red5 LAN parties in the Fall. The streams were fun, especially because my team and I had the chance to chat with the attendees while watching Key-J and Curtis play a variety of games. Not to mention their famous sound effects that never failed to put a smile on everyone’s face. Both, BigAl01 Red5 LAN parties were awesome. By looking at the pictures and reading their posts (Labor Day LAN Party at Big Al Computers and AMD Ryzen-Radeon Gaming LAN), one can easily tell the attendees had a blast and enjoyed the prizes we provided! Can’t wait for next year!

AMD Volunteer Moderators: We have five volunteer moderators helping us now. From moderation and spam control to sharing their expertise with everyone, these guys are simply awesome! We are lucky to have them on our team as their contributions are priceless. Thank you @BigAI01, @blazek, @cpurpe91, @kingfish, and @mengelag! Click here to learn more about the team!

The AMD Community Management Team: I’m fortunate to be working with @Amber_AMD and @Wally_AMD (who joined us in August). They have done a wonderful job helping me get where we are today. From the platform’s backend projects to running our sweeps and contests, they’ve done it all! I hope you all agree that they have made a positive impact on the Red Team Community.

Red Team Community Page: We’ve improved the AMD Red Team Community webpage! We ran the first easter egg challenge we called the Red Team Halloween Pumpkin Hunt, and the page has been updated to include our partner’s hardware and software products. Plus, we are planning to update the page with exclusive content moving forward. In addition, we’re diligently working toward adding a couple of features to help us put a spotlight on the members of the Red Team Community! There are a few other projects we’ve been working on behind the scenes – but I can’t elaborate, you know me, I like to surprise you! By the way, did you see it’s snowing there?

Red Team Newsletter: In case you didn’t know, Amber, Wally, and I are the owners of the newsletter. By owners, I mean we write them, and we work with our colleagues in the digital organization to deploy them monthly. We aim to send it to you by the first Friday of each month. More importantly, we’re open to your thoughts and suggestions; if you have any, feel free to send us an email.

Contests and Sweepstakes: By far, one of the “funnest” activities we enjoy doing for you! From the Red Team Monthly Sweepstakes and the Rig of the Month Contest to the Red Team Halloween Pumpkin Hunt, 5 Days of Giving, and 12 Days of Christmas, we love running them! And we know you love them too. Looking ahead, you can expect more Monthly Sweeps. However, the Rig of the Month Contest will end in 2022; it’s been a fun ride folks, but it’s time for us to try something new…trust me, you’ll like it.

Polls and Surveys: You may have noticed we’ve conducted a few surveys and polls since June. A special “Thank You” to those of you who took the time to respond to our questions. Your feedback is important to us and has helped us make the right decisions; for example, the launch of the Red Team Overclockers and Red Team Modders groups was based on your response. The launch of the PC Building and Part Recommendations Discussion is another example. Again, thank you Red Team, and please keep an eye out for more Polls as we plan on doing them every month moving forward.

Partners: We’ve established great relationships with Alienware, ASUS, iBuyPower, MSI, and Origin PC/Corsair! Our partners have contributed to our Rig of the Month Contest and the Red Team Monthly Sweepstakes as well as the 5 Days of Giving and 12 Days of Christmas! In addition, our friends never hesitate to provide us with awesome parts and swag for the Red Team Community. Plus, we’ve joined some of their Streams! Fun times! And thanks to our colleagues in our ISV team, we’ve started to include game codes in our giveaways! Thank you so much for working with us, without you, we couldn’t have made this year as great as it has been. Right Red Team?

Looking ahead (2023):

Community Platform: We strive to deliver the best experiences through our Community Platform. As such, we constantly talk about optimizing its features, usability, user experience, user journey, branding, and much more. Such talks turn into plans, resulting in better features/functionalities (for example, we deployed threading in discussions). In 2023, we will be sure to post discussions to let you know what we’re cooking!

V-LANs: We’ve made some progress toward bringing back our V-LANs! I need to spend more time thinking about logistics, security, rules, ToCs, staffing/moderation, platform, and of course, chatting with our partners. With any luck, we’ll have our first party by March 2023.

Discord: We have received the green light to jump into Discord! We’re excited! And we aim to jump in by the end of the first quarter of next year. (I’m a little nervous because I’m still on TeamSpeak! LOL).

Red Team Monthly Sweepstakes: Yes! We’ll continue to have them…


Thanks to you, 2022 was a great year for us! We have learned a lot, especially tips and tricks for building PCs from you. We enjoyed reading your Off-Topic posts (keep them coming!) and paid close attention to your feedback through our surveys and polls. Most importantly, we made new friends, and with your help, we’ve managed to keep our discussions friendly, respectful and inclusive. On behalf of my team, AMD, I thank you for everything Red Team! Can’t wait for 2023!

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