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Halloween Build

Hello all! Happy Halloween!!!

Thank You!! to @Sam_AMD@BigAl01, and all of the staff behind the scenes, I don't know by name, that have donated time, ideas, parts and motivation for completing this project. Awesome Community! A very special Thanks! to my wife, Liz, who did all of the decorating and small details.

I'll try to make this short. I built a machine to resurrect, revive, rebirth, reawaken? (Whatever you want to call it) a human from bones using AMD Ryzen and Radeon technology.

I was driving around one night looking for a cemetery that I could get in easy, grab a couple set of bones and get out. I was just about to give up when I noticed a pretty big cemetery tucked away on a hillside. So, I snuck over and grabbed what I needed. Fast forward a few weeks and I would like to say that the machine was a success! But I have been having some issues. My first rebirthing patient, Alex, had some issues with skin formation and violent tendencies. He turned out so awful I had to tie him up, put a mask on him and start electric shock therapy. My next patient, Jimmy, is on the table right now. He is regenerating quickly but it is not looking good at all. He is showing the same characteristics that Alex was showing and his skin on hands, feet and face are nasty! 

So, I decided to do some research and found out that the cemetery I had visited for the material I needed was being used by the nearby mental health facility and maximum-security prison just a half mile away. Uh Oh! Enjoy!!











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Adept I

This is very good work.  I think I may need to visit the cemetery this week!

Adept III

wow - this is an insane project, outstanding job!

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I dont know why this posted twice. Could a mod take a look and approve my video and remove one of my posts. I somehow posted the same thing twice.

Community Manager

Nice and spooky! What a great mod! I'm gonna share it with some of my colleagues in just a moment. 

I'll remove (archive) the other post in just a moment. 

Your biggest fan!
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Volunteer Moderator

Ok, now I understand why you pulled down the Steampunk build.  This is awesome and I am very impressed.  Now, how are you going to lure the Trick-or-Treaters down into your basement laboratory?  

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

No trick-or-treaters in the house lol We ended up having a great Halloween. It wasn't looking good there for a while. The Saturday night rolling into Sunday until noon we got 12" of snow. It was 90% melted by Tuesday night. So, it ended up working out. It was just cold but a ton of kids. I even put out my electric chair guy so I could see how fast the kids would break the switch, but it made it.