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Real-Time Ray Tracing with Radeon ProRender

Real-Time Ray Tracing with Radeon ProRender

AMD's Radeon ProRender supports real-time Ray Tracing, to produce photo-realistic renders at high frame rendering rates, built on Vulkan.

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Looks great. Is this in Pro Render yet?


The recent Nvidia RTX 2080Ti etc series launch event.

The Nvidia new cards include RTX  Ray Tracing block. 
Is Radeon Prorender a way for AMD to allow running  "RTX on"  in games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Battlefield 5?

How does Radeon Prorender compare in terms of "RTX OPS"?


Nvidia RTX is a proprietary software. So, no... like Gameworks, RTX works only on Nvidia GPUs.


I did think that would be the case.

So next question is, could it be used on an AMD GPU in games to provide an 'Amd Equivalent' Raytracing benefit?
It looks like Nvidia are running  RTX in parallel to the GPU core.


AMD has its own solution for ray tracing.

i think it's called RadeonRays


I started  looking at it, thanks.


Sorry, the tech is called RadeonRays and it is open source.

You can find more info on gpu open website.

ProRender is just a renderer that uses RadeonRays.

Yes been on the GPUOpen Website.
I run Radeon ProRender Plugin for Blender already.


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