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Radeon ProRender Discussion

Journeyman III

ProRender Materials Library not appearing in 3ds Max 2019

Mostly just the title. After doing a clean reinstall of 3ds max since it was a bit messy, I haven't been able to get the ProRender material library to appear in 3ds max correctly. If it appears as a group in the Slate Editor, none of the BMP files are loaded, and all the materials are featureless grey and render black (on ProRender). In this case, I wasn't able to locate the BMP files, and was unable to find out where the installer is placing them by default. After installing and reinstalling a few times, they aren't appearing in the Slate Editor under any group at all.
Any suggestions?
Attached is what I was able to see on the best of my install attempts -- reloading the groups didn't do anything in this case.
It almost seems like the BMP files aren't installing.


Ryzen 7 1700
Radeon RX 590 8GB
Windows 10
3ds Max 2019

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Journeyman III

I realized I'd been making an embarrassing error: the ProRender renderer must be selected for the materials to appear properly in the Slate editor.
However, that doesn't change the difficulty with how the library installer is telling Max to look for the maps. Examining the group paths in Slate, it's looking for the maps in a folder which doesn't exist, something which you can't change on install. I had to manually add all of the the paths to my User Paths/External Files section for Max to find the materials, something which shouldn't be necessary. 

Adept II

thanks for reporting.
This is a known issue. There are actually a few issues that are happening with Material library installer for 3ds Max.
The main issue is the installer is not adding an entry to 3dsmax.ini correctly in 3ds Dir7777=C:\ProgramData\RadeonProRender\MaterialLibrary\Maps.
Max 2019 textures are missing due to this, and
currently Material library doesn't appear at all in 3ds Max 2020.
How ever it does seem to work in 3ds Max 2017.