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Radeon ProRender Discussion

Adept I

ProRender for Blender corrupts models when at a distance.

So I've recently made the switch to AMD for graphics and wanted to see how it performed in blender, so I opened some of my old models to find issues with the shading corrupting at certain distances. It turns out the problem is with all meshes no matter how simple as the default cube does it too. As you can see in the image I've attached the shading/reflections look fine when zoomed in, but corrupt when zoomed out, which is the same in camera view, making it basically impossible to create a scene of my choice.

The white and blue part is an imported stl and the cubes are the default, all materials are from the AMD library add-on.

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Try increasing the Ray Epsilon amount in render settings. 

Hi, that fixes it thanks! Do you know what that setting is for? why wouldn't it be as high as it could be?


That's bug with Ray Epsilon actual for very large scenes. So, if you import to your scene large scene or object default settings will be not actual for correct render result. Thank you