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Radeon ProRender Discussion

Journeyman III


hi I have a r 5 5 600x on b550 asus tuf plus on a stock cpu coler but the cpu was very hot reaches a high temperature at 80c

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Volunteer Moderator

Hey there, is it hitting 80c on idle or when you're gaming?

Look inside of the case while the PC is running and see if the cooler fan is spinning and nothing is obstructing it like other cables in the case.

Check the fan speed and see if its running optimal settings, you might need to increase the RPMs

And lastly, check to see if there is proper contact with the cooler and CPU, might need to reapply thermal paste

Adept III

Blazek already asked valid questions, but I'd like to add a few as well:

- How many fans do you have in your PC? And how are they setup? 
Generally you want to push fresh, cold air, into your case, and then have exhausts pushing it out.

- Have you considered an after market cooler? I run a 3600 with a 240mm AIO, and my temps went from 90ish C, to 40-50 C.
Also 80C shouldn't fail your CPU any time soon, 95C is the max as far as I know.

- Under what load does the temp go up to 80C? Or rather, what are you doing for the temps to shoot up? Are you gaming/is the PC idle?

- What are the rest of your specs? What GPU are you using for example?

80 isnt bad at load.  Id start with making sure my case has good air flow and is exhausting well.