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Radeon ProRender Discussion

Adept II

Can Prorender render a scene that is too big to fit on one GPUs memory

For example the cycles renderer used in blender can't render scenes that require more RAM than a single GPU. So even adding more GPUs doesn't help, it can only be rendered using on CPU with a lot of RAM.

So the question is can I render a 30gb scene using 2x 16gb AMD GPUs using prorender ?

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Adept II

Hi there ,no i do not think you can do that because the prorender takes only your primary gpus memory .so it will only use one of the gpus memory which is 16gb .

The way to render the 30gb scene is to use out of core rendering which i think is a little bit slower but would still get the job done .


   You also could try rendering in tiled mode, which should require only loading the necessary data for each tile into the GPU at a time.   I'm no expert, but it's worth looking into.