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Journeyman III

Windows 11 not supported

My TPM Chip is enable but it's shows the processor isn't supported for windows 11. is not Ryzen 5 2400G supported Windows 11?

Screenshot 2021-06-28 113048.png

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Adept III

No, the 2400G is not on the AMD supported cpu list for windows 11. 

Adept I

According with Microsoft all Ryzen 2000 to 5000 series are supported. I also heard that Microsoft is making changes to include 1000 series, so your CPU is supported and able to install Win11. You just have to do change some settings in order to really enable your CPU. 

4Win11 Supported ListWin11 Supported List

Nabil, I had the same issue. I had my AMD fTMP enabled but windows still showing that my system couldn't run Windows 11, so I follow the Below steps, there is going to be a lot so bear with me.

I have successfully enabled the fTPM from my AMD Ryzen CPU and installed Windows 11 Pro, below are the steps to enable it, keep in mind that every motherboard BIOS is different, I'm using a B550M Pro4 from Asrock. Before anything ensure your have the latest BIOS and software update in your motherboard, this software will be different from different motherboard manufactures ensure to check your motherboard manufacture website support and software updates before anything else, keep in mind that I am not responsible for any mistakes that could happen when flashing your BIOS, do this at your own risk if you are comfortable doing it or take your equipment to a IT professional.

1. Under Device manager make sure that AMD PSP 11.0 Device is active and have no errors. In my case I had to download AMD chip set to update the drives for my AMD PSP.

2. In BIOS enable the CMS (Compatibility Support Module), save your changes and restart computer back into the BIOS. I did one change at the time also to troubleshoot in the event this didn't work.

3. Back in BIOS enabled Secured Boot. In my motherboard UEFI is under Security Tab and you can only enable it after the CMS is disabled.

4. Under my Advance Configuration. I click on CPU Configuration and at the bottom of the menu select AMD ftpm and enable that option. Save your changes and exit and boot into Windows 10.

After I logged back into my operating system, I went back to the Device Manager and I noticed that under Security Devices my AMD PSP 11.0 Device and the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 were both enabled.

Log into the updates, under the windows insider program and was able to download and successfully install Windows 11 Pro and currently using it.

If you have a recent AMD or Intel CPU and your computer is a DYI you may not need to buy a DTPM, you may be able to enable your fTPM using your BIOS. Since the Win11 requirements came one the TPM modules prices skyrocket if you can find them. Microsoft is not making it easier for people that have never delt with BIOS flash

I know this was a lengthy post but I hope I can help to solve some people the issue that I encounter. I hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Carlos Cervantes


unfortunately the Ryzen 2400g is still reported as not supported by the microsoft health check app. this is really a pitty, as my machine is only 4 years old. I hope I will be able to work around as all the other specs are fully met. would be good to know the reason why microsoft thinks that this processor is not compliant. AMD should help and try to do something too.

The reason why the Ryzen 2400g is not listed is because actually it is based on ZEN architecture which is 14nm which is considered to be 1st generation processor.

From Wikichip website on the 2400g spec:

Screenshot 2021-08-19 104255.png

All of the AMD Users with 1st Generation processor need to wait until Win11 officially is released to the public. At that time it is possible through Windows 11 Insider Preview testing that Microsoft may update the AMD Processor compatible list to include some 1st generation processors.



amd ryzen 2400G is not in the database ...

reason amd ryzen 2400G in not in the database .....

God only knows .....

But but microsoft must surely know also ....