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Adept III

Ryzen 5000 Crashes (WHEA Errors) will get a "Silent Fix" from AMD.

Every Ryzen 5000 CPU owner knows, that PBO is not reliable in terms of stability.

For those unaware of the unfixable issue, the combination PBO + CPB results in an intermittent system crash while it is in low CPU usage state, so, ratter you like/want it or not, the only two viable ways to "solve" it, are:  Disable PBO + CPB combination, or, manually set the clock speeds.

Well, none of these scenarios are acceptable because AMD sell's out that PBO is a must, and in fact, is the only way to achieve the labelled boost clocks.

The point here is, if you ask for RMA, you will probably receive a new CPU which will show the same behavior, because this is not an isolated issue, this problem happens to be part of the Zen 3 architecture. So, while AMD allows easy RMA for those facing this situation, this "effort" is only to mask the real problem.

EVERY RYZEN 5000 CPU has the PBO + CPB problem and AMD CAN't solve it through firmware upgrades. Their main feature doesn't work as designed and there is nothing to do about it, AMD knows, but wont say a word about it.

Why am I saying so? 

Because of this: AMD confirms B2 stepping for Ryzen 5000 series brings no functionality or performance improvements -... 

Ryzen 5000 chips B2 SteppingRyzen 5000 chips B2 Stepping

Of course, the current production process may be improved and yes, that could be reasonable for a new revision launch. But, considering the effort of the new production and logistics for this revision, we can say precisely assume, that we have more in game, then what is being said. AMD will deliver a PBO error free revision of the Ryzen 5000 cpus, so the market wont be flooded with only the problematic revision.

You may be facing intermittent system crashes while in low cpu usage situations, and yes, if you are a Ryzen 5000 owner, PBO is probably the cause.

These are Windows events related to the problem:

Event 18 - WHEAEvent 18 - WHEASystem Crash eventSystem Crash eventSystem Crash event 2System Crash event 2

My intention here is to alert everyone that AMD is not being honestly regarding to this issue. I was able to test 3 different cpus in 3 different systems and all of them crashed when PBO + CPB were in use. A 5800x, 5900x and a 5950x, 2 Asus motherboards and an Aorus one.

Every owner has the right to use the features they paid for, and that is not the case with Ryzen 5000 chips. Simple disabling PBO + CPB is not a viable solution.

We should ask for an official AMD statement about this! Or, Justice should be called for an revision change, free of cost replacement of every defective Ryzen chip for those with the issue (including me) Sorry for some English mistakes.

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