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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5 5600x missing markings

Hey there I recently bought a ryzen 5 5600x from amazon  after taking a closer look at the cpu I noticed the diffused in usa / diffused in taiwan markings are indeed missing.  I have checked the serial number with the serial number on the box there both a match. I also scanned both QR Codes and everything checked out legit  but i cannot wrap my head around it as its really stressing me out due to not being able to find any other ryzen 5 5600x’s with the markings being missing  if anyone from AMD reads this. Can you please help me out and explain why or how they are missing!


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Why would the processor print USA or Taiwan when the processor is clearly indicating that it was made in China.

Unless I misread your post.

If the processor's serial number and part number are all good and it came in a Official AMD Retail box and verified with AMD and the box label, then I wouldn't worry about it.