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Journeyman III

Ryzen 2700 wont boost past 3.3ghz

So I just built a new system. Ryzen 2700, Asus x470 pro, gskill 16gb ram at 3200. gtx 260. The cpu wont seem to boost past 3.325ghz. i have the newest chipset, set on amd balanced, newest bios on the mobo with stock settings. With ryzen master open ive benched with prime95 and cpu z. Checked while gaming with msi afterburner and it maxes all core 3.325. was maxing 3.4 before new chipset installed. I tried to find the xfr option in the bios but it isnt where it would be normally. Any help would be appreciated. Would like to see the boost working correctly as this is very underwhelming

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Big Boss

nighthowl101, please post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM).  Use the image icon above.  Your specifications:


Thanks and enjoy, John.

EDIT:  I suspect since you have a 2700 and not 2700X, you will not see the XFR option.

Screenshot (2).pngScreenshot (3).png

Is this all youre looking for?


nighthowl101, yes.  RM is saying the peak was 4000 MHz.  I am not an OCer, but are you willing to turn on Precision Boost Overdrive and raise some limits?  Please read the warnings and it all might be overwhelming.  Going too far can damage you processor.  I hope some OCers will help you - perhaps visit a OC forum.  Enjoy, John.


They only peak when idle, under any load or games it drops to 3.325 maxed out no matter what i do. the cpu is rated for a 3.8 all core boost but isnt matching. and the option for pbo isnt available to me. I can overclock manually but i wanted to avoid that as the boost range per core is perfect for gaming vs overclocking all the cores at once.