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Problem 5600x and b550m with the last bios version

Hello i have a ryzen 5600x and a b550m a pro with the last version of bios, when i turn on the pc sometimes its working fine and sometimes he stay with a black screen and the cpu led is on.

I changed the motherboard 2 times but the problem is still here, i changed ram but nothing fixed.

Can i have help 

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Considering that you have checked 2 motherboards and RAM, there is a problem in the memory controller of the processor itself, try installing one RAM module (maybe it will work like this for a while) and you need to change the processor in a good way. I hope you have connected additional power for the processor (the upper left corner of the motherboard 4-8 pin connector) do not confuse it with additional power to the video card, although they are not compatible, there are other pins.

The power cpu is connected with the good cable, the problem is not fixed with using 1 ram too, i think the problem is about the cpu himself maybe ?


Yes, yes, the problem is in the memory controller in the processor itself, if there is an opportunity to change the processor under warranty, or for the time being for the sake of experiment, put another processor, even the most budget-friendly, since it can't be so lucky that after changing two motherboards and RAM, the problem remains.


Problem solved after chaging proc, he was the problem, now im working with a new 5700x all its fine 

Good. AMD ryzen has a rather high percentage of processor defects than their competitor intel. At least 1000 2000 of the ruler (apparently they ran in technologies and honed them to mastery), I can't say about 5000))

Journeyman III

your board got usb flash bios so you could flash the bios from a usb stick without a cpu, if your board dosnt come with a compatible bios by now.

mostly they have a sticker on the box with something like ryzen 5000 ready or something, but that's hard to tell until the board arrives