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Adept I

my cpu fan is making a strange noice and i want to take if off any replace it

my cpu fan has been making a weird noise for months now and i have been looking for a way to fix/replace it but i cant find any videos or any help anywhere. my entire rig sucks and i am trying to fix it but i am about to give up sell everything and buy a prebuilt pc because i cant keep up with the frustration of this pc 

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How many guesses are you going to give me to figure out what CPU and CPU Cooler you have installed?

Plus computer setup information would be helpful unless you want me to guess that too.


Processor: ryzen 5 2600 6 core

Gpu: 1660 ti

Power supply: Cx550 bronze plus

Memory: 16gigs 3000gz

Storage: Adata 480 gigs ssd SU655

Motherboard: B450 Tomahawk

The original cpu cooler is on it the one that came with the cpu

First thanks for the information.

According to AMD Bundled Processors the Ryzen 5 2600 comes with AMD Wraith Stealth Cooler (no LED)

By weird noises, is the CPU Cooler still maintaining your processor from overheating?  Is the weird noises like a rasping or scraping sound or just loud?

If you still have a Warranty with your Retailer where you purchased the Ryxen processor in a box see if they will replace it otherwise if your Retailer's Warranty as expired and if your purchased the Processor within 3 years you can open an AMD Warranty Request and see if they will replace it or suggest what fan to replace it with from here: 

I haven't personally read of anyone really replacing the Wraith Fan but I imagine it is possible. The issue is finding a fan that would fit on the CPU Cooler heatsink and the holes lines up.

The weird noise is a sort of hissing sound that comes from the cpu fan. I

looked everywhere online to see how to take it off and apply anything else

to it from fans to liquid coolers but i have found nothing helpful


If your Processor is older than 3 years old, then look at You tube to find out how to lubricate the AMD Wraith CPU fans.

Maybe the bearings have lost some lubrication and by putting a small amount of oil it might solve the weird noise.

Or you can always, if within your budget, replace it with a better CPU Cooler like CoolerMaster Hyper-X EVO or similar if it will fit inside your computer case.

You Tube video comparing the AMD Wraith Stealth and Hyper-X EVO: Ryzen 5 3600 Stock Cooler Temps vs. Hyper 212 Evo ( Thermals vs Wraith Stealth ) - YouTube 

But if your processor is less than 3 years old and the Retailer's Warranty has expired open a Online AMD Warranty Request and see if they will replace it under warranty.

Another "BUT" if your CPU Cooler is maintaining your processor from overheating and has good temperatures than just keep a close eye on it until the noise gets worse or you believe the fan is about to go bad if lubricating doesn't solve your problem.


Assuming you have your receipt that processor and cooler should be under warranty. You can contact AMD here about a CPU warranty: 

However they don't really give any information on how to just get the cooler warrantied. Maybe a moderator could help answer that amdmatt 

You can also contact AMD support here: 

Looks like Amazon has a wraith stealth shipped for 13.50. They have the top of the line AMD Wraith Prism Cooler for 36.40.

I use the 212 evo by Cooler Master myself. Just know that those styles of coolers have to be mounted with their proprietary setup with access to both sides of the motherboard. Not as simple as the clip on style of the original. So if you are not comfortable with a change like that, you might want to stick with the original style cooler or have someone give you a hand. As already linked to, there are plenty of videos out there for comparison or how to. 

I'd see about a warranty if you can.


Oh if by chance your machine was built by a company like HP, or Dell it is possible that your machine is using some other cooler than the one that comes with the AMD RETAIL BOX.  If that is the case you may be limited to whatever warranty that came with the computer. 


Also this is an FAQ on how to replace those coolers from AMD: 

Journeyman III

I had the same problem, weird noise from first day, even on low rpm and when CPU is not under loadrasping or scraping sound as @elstaci mentioned. Cooler has no problem with cooling, the noise is even lower on higher RPMs for whatever reason! but I Guess changing the fan not worth it, buying an around 25$ air cooler (like DeepCool AK 500) is better and it can be used on your next AM5 System so it worth spending.