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Journeyman III

Compatible processors with HP EliteDesk 705 G5 Small Form Factor

Hi, I got a used HP elitedesk 705 G5 small Form Factor without a processor, on the HP website it shows that its only compatible with amd pro series processors but another website says its compatible with all regular processors also of the same generation. The original processor was a r5 pro 3400g, do you think a r5 3600 would work in this PC ? do you think a R5 5600g would work (seems very unlikel) ? can you update the bios on these kinds of PCs ? the chipset is a amd 560 pro (atleast thats what is written on the HP website).


Thanks for any help you can bring

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Reading the specs on your HP EliteDesk 705 G5 SFF I can see why all the AMD processors are APUs (Processors with Integrated Graphics).

The PC has a extremely weak 180 Watt PSU. This PSU is adequate enough only for running Integrated Graphics. If you install a regular CPU without graphics you will need to upgrade the PSU to one at least rated between 600-850 Watts Metal rated depending on the GPU card you select.

Also you can't just install any type of AM4 processor. You need to find out if your HP BIOS version will support other CPUs that are not listed and are not 'Pro' version.

Unfortunately, AMD "Pro" CPU Versions are all OEM/TRAY. Which means it isn't normally sold in Retail stores. You would need to probably purchase the processor from HP directly or from a Foreign Retailer.

You can update the BIOS and CHIPSET through HP Support Driver Download page from here:

Screenshot 2022-02-19 231725.png

If I were you before purchasing a processor open a HP Support ticket and ask them if Non-Pro AMD Processors are supported by the latest BIOS Version.

Also you will probably need to find a Low Profile GPU card to be able to install it if the Computer case is a Small case.

Also ask if you can install a regular 3rd Party PSU in that computer. Some PC Makers use OEM Motherboards that requires a special PSU cables to be able to connect and power it up.

Journeyman III

HP limits CPU upgrade on their boards BIOS to basically one generation. If you have a Ryzen 5 then a Ryzen 5 variant is all you will be able to run (you may be able to go backwards with say a Ryzen 3 but not forwards and I'm not even sure about that. As far as power goes the 400 watt power supply from the 800 series will work with the 700 series. Same connectors with an 8 pin added!! You can buy a 400 watt 800 series PSU on eBay for about $40 but the the price is climbing because people are figuring it out. A low profile card is not necessarily required as far as space goes. A PCIe riser adapter can help you fit a pretty big card. I hear the Intel Arc 380 is a great little low profile card (comparable to a GTX 1650) and with the PSU upgrade you should have no problems running it without even needing the 8 pin plug. The Arc 380 6GB is all over eBay right now for around $100 so the upgrade would cost about $40 for the PSU and $100 for the Arc 380. I wouldn't recommend trying to run anything more powerful than a low profile GPU in a small form factor case because of obvious heat problems but if you aren't super attached to the case there are videos on YouTube showing how to transfer all the hardware to an aftermarket case for adding more fans or maybe even a small liquid cooler for the CPU if you're gonna be doing some hard core gaming. Interestingly, AMD claims that Ryzen APU's have a life span of 10 years under a constant full load but we aren't 10 years down the road yet to see how many are still working. I would think that upgrading the CPU to any R5 variant would work. Trying to go higher than that will not.