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Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen 5800x broken pins

So I got everything to build my new computer and I was going to test the new ryzen 5800x on my new MSI b550 carbon Mobo. When I removed the CPU from its package it somehow slipped from my fingers and landed facedown on the floor. I felt sick to my stomach. I picked it up and saw that several pins were bent. I successful straightened a couple but was unsuccessful with others, resulting in two of them breaking off completely. Have I done permanent damage? Or is there any place whatsoever that I can pay to have it shipped to be repaired? Thanks in advantage for taking time out of your day to answer. 20210402_124502.jpg

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First the 3 year AMD Warranty on that processor is now voided. AMD voids the Warranty on any broken or bent processor pins (Customer Error).

Second the only way to see if you have a very expensive paperweight or not is by installing the Processor and see if it boots up and runs normally under heavy loads or stress.

Many pins are redundant like the Ground pins on the processor. You might be able to get by with a ground pin being broken without issue but with two pins depends on what their functions were with the processor. Only way is by installing the processor and see if it works correctly.

You might be able to get it repaired if you find a place that does that type of repairs. It takes special equipment and supplies to replace a broken processor pin and it probably won't be cheap but rather expensive.

Google the internet and see if there are any repair centers that repairs broken pins on a processor and how much it will cost if the processor doesn't work correctly or doesn't boot up when you installed it.

EDIT: I really feel for you. What happened to you is something that can happen to any User. If the processor is a expensive Paperweight then just chalk it up one bad learning experience that you won't ever do again in the future.