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Journeyman III

AMD A12 9800 crashes display driver fails

I bought the AMD A12 9800 R7 a couple months ago for my Asrock Fatal1ty Gamin KS motherboard.

Board does accept this processor.

I installed the motherboard, place the APU, installed 16 gigs G.Skill F4-2133C15D 16CFXR ram.

No other graphics card. One had drive, and older SATA that still works great. A DVD drive IDE (used a IDE to SATA adapter, that does work fine.)

Installed windows 7 x64, I do not like 10. In the bios screen, it can sit forever with no problem. Once booted into Windows, it will run fine for a while then the system crashes with a display driver failed error. Some thing about cant install the driver, even after it has been running for almost an hour.

I rebooted several times, to the same results. Crash varies in time, but still crashes. Never lasting more than an hour before the crash. System temp is good. APU has never gone above 121 F. system board a steady 89 F. Plenty cool to run.

Hard drive is fine, no sector errors at all, MBR is good, its all good. Drive may be an older one but is it still a real good drive. I have also updated all system drivers including ATI graphics. Still crash. I downgraded the ATI graphics drivers one notch at a time, and crashes each time. I dropped the graphics drivers three levels before stopping. I have updated the bios as well, and crash. Reverted back to the systems driver disk, crash. Pulled the ram chips out one at a time, crash for each, switched slots, crash. Pulled the motherboard out of case, placed on clean surface, grounded, put a power supply to it, hooked the drive to it and ram chips, made myself a button to start it up and a reset button as well and hooked them to the boards header pins. Fired it up, thinking, perhaps, there may be some thing else causing the problem. Nope, still crash. I do not have another APU to replace the A12 with since I am severely limited on funds!! So, I am unable to decide, is it the processor or the motherboard thats at fault.

Any other ideas any one has??

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