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890GX controller AHCI driver for Windows 10 x64 (for SSD disk usage)

I've got Asus M4A89GTD Pro motherboard, which has AMD 890GX controller.
I'm trying to use this hardware with Samsung 860 EVO SSD disk which has Windows 10 x64 installed on it.
I got OS "freezing", from time to time, so I have to reboot my PC.
The only info I found is that we should use MS Win 10 SATA AHCI driver (pre installed) for our controller.
Please, let me know, if there is any other solution. Thanks in advance.

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Re: 890GX controller AHCI driver for Windows 10 x64 (for SSD disk usage)

AMD now uses Windows 10 native MS SATA AHCI Controller. AMD last driver for SATA AHCI Controller is from 2015 and is not used anymore.

Each time you upgrade your Windows version, SATA AHCI Controller will also be upgraded. Don't pay attention to the driver's date of 1962. 

You have a very old Asus Motherboard. Asus has a QVL List for SSD but it is from 2015. So it is quite out dated: M4A89GTD PRO Driver & Tools | Motherboards | ASUS USA 

I suggest you either open a Asus Support ticket or have a Live CHAT with Asus and see if your current SSD is 100% compatible with your motherboard.

Your problem could incompatibility or a Driver issue or even hardware issue.

Big Boss

Re: 890GX controller AHCI driver for Windows 10 x64 (for SSD disk usage)

if windows is freezing, you may need to reinstall it fresh

backup your files and then try again but do not install any chipset drivers as they are built-in with windows 10

Adept II

Re: 890GX controller AHCI driver for Windows 10 x64 (for SSD disk usage)

If you took an SSD with Windows 10 on it out of an other system it is never gonna work, you need to reinstall Windows.

If you got a copy of Windows 7 you can still update/upgrade it for free to Windows 10 legaly from here: Microsoft Corporation 

Think you can select any language and country settings from that installer.

If Windowws 10 has been previosly installed and activated on your system it should activate it self with out any problem as it uses the mainboard id as key combined with your Microsoft/Hotmail etc. account you used before.


Make sure AHCI is Enabled in your Bios (dont think you got UEFI suport on that motherboard but if you see somthing that says UEFI enable it)

Download the AMD SATA AHCI Driver (Preinstall driver, press F6 during Windows* setup to read from floppy)

OS: Windows 7 64bit,Windows 7 32bit
Extract those files onto a USB Stick formated as FAT32.

Disconnect All Harddrives from the Mainboard Exept the SSD you want Windows 10 on.

Than Reinstall Windows and choose Custom/Advanced.

When you get to the Window where you can select the partitions and Delete all the partitions, than select Load Driver and browse to your files on the USB stick and find the AMD AHCI x64 driver (do Not install the Raid driver!)

Once it loaded click Next/Continue go on with installing Windows.

Hope that helps.


Re: 890GX controller AHCI driver for Windows 10 x64 (for SSD disk usage)

The fact that motherboard has no Windows 10 drivers says to me it should not be used with Windows 10. I would heavily advise you to take advantage of some of the tax refund sales in force and buy a new system. That being said, AMD's SATA controllers prior to Ryzen were -abysmal-, and the threads in other forums about the 860 Evo on older motherboards say they should be attached to Intel or Marvell SATA ports, not AMD, so there may be a compatibility issue, but since you don't have any non AMD SATA ports, the only solution, if that is the case, is an upgrade. Your system is 14 years old, time to put it to rest.