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Journeyman III

5900x Warranty Claim

I found out my 5900x was faulty after replacing my PUS, Motherboard, RAM, and GPU the problem persisted. I finally replaced the CPU 5900x with a 5950x and the problem went away, so I'm certain the CPU is faulty. I went to start a warranty claim but it seems like the OPN 100-000000061 isn't found? I clicked on the Processor in a Box warranty link.

I purchased it in July 2021 so I think it should still be under warranty for a few more months.

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Big Boss

JimmyC888, warranty service is here. Online support is here. Good luck, John.


Yes you are correct your 3 year AMD Warranty expires on July 2024 if that is the date on your receipt.

Your 5900X did come in a official AMD Retail box correct?

Warranty normally goes by the processor's Serial Number printed on the CPU itself.

Reason why I ask this is CPU WORLD's part numbers for both Retail and OEM/TRAY:

CPU part numbers
  • 100-000000061 is an OEM/tray microprocessor
  • 100-100000061WOF is a boxed microprocessor without fan and heatsink

The OEM/TRAY has no AMD Warranty while the boxed processor does.

Here is AMD Support website showing how to identify a official AMD Retail Box:

from above link:

Screenshot 2024-02-24 205144.png

The Serial Number on the processor should match the Serial number on the outside of the box label.

Possibly you inputted wrong data in the Warranty form.

Either way open a AMD SUPPORT - Warranty ticket and verify your CPU Serial Number is a Retail version and not a OEM/TRAY version and explain the issue you are having with filling out the AMD Warranty form online.