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PC Building

Adept I

Research for a new build

Hello all. I am not very close right now to purchasing items. However, I like doing the research that way when I’m able to. I can just buy everything and be ready to build it. I have decided after much research and not much money to buy a Ryzen five 7600 X. Upon watching a review with all the benchmarks, it seemed the best one to get for the price. I am pairing it with aASUS TUF Gaming B650-PLUS WiFi Mobo and a be quiet! AIO 360 mm CPU cooler, and Corsair RM850x SHIFT Fully Modular ATX PSU. I know the case doesn’t matter, but I figured I’d include it in the description: be quiet! Shadow Base 800 FX - ARGB - 4 Light Wings 140mm PWM Fans - Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case

Now, my current question is this:

I’ve been researching the RAM today and just about decided on

G.SKILL Trident Z5 Neo RGB Series (AMD Expo) DDR5 RAM 64GB (2x32GB) 6000MT/s CL30-40-40-96 1.40V

I mainly chose this, because on the video that I watched, AMD supplied the tester  with DDR5 6000Mhz for the testing. However, upon checking the AMD website CPU info page, it says the processor maxes out at 5200Mhz RAM.. Could I get some insight?

Many thanks ahead of time. - John

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Volunteer Moderator

It looks like all the 7,000 series Ryzen processors list 5200 MHz as specified RAM, but even on the compatible RAM lists they show faster speeds (5200, 5600 and 6000 MHz) as being compatible.  I think the 5200 MHz level is baseline and higher speeds are considered 'over-clocking' the RAM.  I suggest you go with the G.Skill Trident Z5 at 6000 MHz and when building your system, start it at 5200 MHz to have a stable baseline.  Then, after you are satisfied with the stability of your new system, up the memory frequency in steps (5600 being the next step) to see if it remains stable.

As for myself, I enable AMD Expo and call it a day.  I don't do much in the way of over-clocking anymore.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Thank you BigAl01. I appreciate your reply.. thank you for taking the time.

This is in no way directed at you..

I just find it interesting how people feel a need to point out the negatives of a system choice by calling it a "mid range gaming only computer with the likes of a Ryzen 5 7600X and a TUF board."  I currently have a Phenom II 965 x4 3.14 GHz with 16 Gb of RAM on a Asus M4A78T-E_v2 MOBO and it's still holding its own. I still do good on most games.. but obviously it's time for an upgrade.

I did my research and found a CPU that tested well ( and a MOBO that has military rated cooling and great specs (Can't go wrong with ASUS). Plus, they are in my price range (maybe a little stretch). Not all of us have the ability to throw down $2-5 grand on a computer.

I think you will agree that the planned system compared to my current system (which was built in 2008) is like going from a Honda Accord to a Ferrari. So, when someone is planning their next new build and is trying to get the best that they can afford (not even buying it all at once), please be kind to not be smug and point out that it's not the best of the best.  After all, in a minute, your system won't be either.

Thanks again, BigAl01. So you would say that the 5200 with EXPO enabled is the way to go? or 5600-6000 with EXPO and as you said "call it a day"? On a side note, the I might need to do a little more research on the motherboard.. good thing I have time.

Volunteer Moderator

I still have one computer on my LAN that's running the Athlon FX-62 dual-core CPU, with an RX 560 or something like that.  It originally had an SLI configuration of the 7900 GT video cards, having been built in 2006.  Now it sits under the right side of my work bench, probably the last of the four computers I have around the work bench area in my storage room.

Don't forget to budget for a decent gaming monitor; about $300 should get you a nice one.  Then there is the keyboard, mouse, computer speakers, perhaps webcam and things of this nature.  It all adds up, as you know.

If you are really into gaming, one of the X3D processors would be nice.  I'm really happy with the 5600X3D I picked up at Microcenter in a combo deal.  It's in my Lian Li X3D computer, currently my favorite gaming platform.  Maybe you can save some money by looking for a combo deal.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".


If you are going to quote and possibly start a debate, its super fine by me, as long as you do it right.

But in the end I think that you failed to understand what I wrote.

Allow me to help again

For a mid range system with those kind of parts, and let me be clear, there is no negative take. I pointed that there is little reason for a 64gb.

Then I proceeded to post some pictures to back up my claims.

The Englishman

All is forgiven Johnny.. texting lacks the ability to convey true intentions or emotions.. I have been struggling financially a bit and adjusting to a job that is part time and paying me about a quarter less per hour than my last one.. so, I might've been a little sensitive. 

Thank you for the explanation and I hope that you have a great holiday season..


Its not easy, I know. But let me thank You too for understanding, its been rough for me as well. You nailed it on sensitive, I'm getting that lately, I feel like I need a change. 

I hope you get back on track and have a great holidays too.

The Englishman

Hi, if you are going to plan for a mid range gaming only computer with the likes of a Ryzen 5 7600X and a TUF board, there is little reason for a 64Gb of ram that will add strain to the CPU IMC or may get limited support on that board. (not sure about the last)

Get 32Gb fast, low latency 6000mhz memory with EXPO certification like the Z5 NEO G.Skill
For games, latency and speed matters most.







The Englishman
Adept I

No need for 64gb of memory 32 GB of memory should be great. I do not know why you would need a 360mm water cooler. If you are not going to overclock to high clock with high temperature. I would just go for a good midtower air cooler for the ryzen 7600 but that is just my that's my opinion. all the parts will work. I did not see anything about What Gpu you are gonna pair with it.

Truth be told.. I am still in the planning/research stage.. I don't stream or play a lot of high intense games.. but even the most benign games need good systems now.  I am definitely going with Nvidia GeForce.. which card??? Not there yet.. been awhile since I have looked at them.  Thanks for the time and consideration.


Volunteer Moderator

I'm currently running 64gb of  the DDR 5 6000mhz gskillz neo and it's awesome ram. No issues 

Ryzen 7800X3D - RTX 4090 FE - ROG Strix B650E iGaming - 64gb 6000mhz G-Skill Neo - Arctic Liquid Freezer ii - ROG Loki Platinum 1000w SFXL - 5TB of Crucial P5 Gen. 4 NVMe - NR200P Case - ROG PG48UQ OLED