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Journeyman III

Put in a new 6700 xt and now I get no display - still hear windows boot and can even put in my pass

So I initially had a rx 580 and I just upgraded to a 6700 xt. I put it in it boots but no display. I can hear the windows startup sound and I can even press enter then enter in my password and I can hear things like discord or other services load up. It’s working fine there’s just no display. I’ve tried almost everything going on about 3 days now… got new psu I got an hdmi 2.1 I’ve used ddu I’ve done everything I can think of even cleaned my whole pc, I’ve switched cases I’ve reseated everything many times. Need help.

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Adept I

Can you try placing your old card back? Maybe uninstalling AMD drivers and then booting with the new one.
Do you get to see the BIOS screen?
You can try resetting the BIOS to default settings. The manual should have instructions on how to do it. Also what motherboard are you using? Any BIOS updates you can install?

It is also possible that the new card is not ok. Does it work in another computer?


I can't help myself and please don't take this as an insult, because it happened to me.  Have you checked to see if your monitor has gone belly up.  I replaced my GPU, motherboard, and CPU and never thought to check the monitor.  It just up and died when it was working just fine.  Just make sure you check out EVERYTHING.

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I did the same upgraded from RX 580 to RX 6700XT..

The only thing different is, I am using Display Port and it worked without changing drivers..

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