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PC Building

Adept I

NEW 7900XTX - Black Screen Crashing - COD

Hi everyone


I'm new to AMD and to PC building this is my first ever build. I did lots of research before hand and every test and other game seems to run fine

Except for the main game I created this build for... Call of Duty Warzone/Modern Warfare 3 (new game)

The crashes usually leave me to just hit the power button... sometimes the Adrenalin software will pop up with the bug tool instead. 

A few times it mentions GPU overclocking or DirectX issues with the Call of Duty report tool that pops up if I don't have to manually power

But I have done absolutely nothing when it comes to Overclocking, Underclocking or any sort of manual tweaks.

I thought since it was my first time building I was missing something with the BIOS or Drivers but I've checked each one so many times and looked at so many guides.

I'm truly at my wits end with this build and with AMD if I can't resolve this soon...

My "crappy" 11000k and 3060 laptop has been my main rig for 2 years with 0 issues... I thought I was "saving" over $1200 going with this AMD build but I'm heavily regretting not going NVIDIA+INTEL build at this point πŸ˜• 


Here's all my parts to my build:

Fractal Design Pop Mini Air

AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX

AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D



SAMSUNG 990 Pro w/Heatsink 1TB




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Adept I

Game is horribly optimized. make sure you have the latest driver downloaded for the game. 

It could be the game itself I ran into that issue in Red Dead Redemption RP on RedM , what I did was switch from Valkan to DirectX12 in in game settings and turned off raytracing and put all the ultra settings down to High , that seemed to solve the issue 

Adept I

Ciao sono nelle tue stesse condizioni stessa bild identica ho lo stesso problema stasera provo con i consigli dati nel blog ma non credo sia un problema del PC ma del gioco abbiamo una buona bild in multy facciamo 400 FPS si vola fratello vediamo di risolverla.

Adept II

A couple things to check:

BIOS up to date?

Latest chipset driver from installed?


If those things don't help, when setting up the BIOS, are you enabling XMP for the RAM? If yes, trying disabling it. This might help you pinpoint whether there's an issue with RAM. It might be safest to just default the BIOS and leave it in that state to test.

Check your temps using a simple tool like HWMonitor or HWinfo.

If none of this helps, while it's possible the new game just has issues with your hardware, I've also seen issues with power supplies not delivering the required voltage while under load. The best way to test this is with a multimeter, probing the back of the GPU power connector. Should be 12V +/- 0.1V, if it drops more than that it may cause instability/crashing 

Adept I

I've tried everything it's a ridiculous witch hunt now that I'm reading other threads about the 7900XTX.

I appreciate everyones response but yesterday was my last day eligible for return so I initiated that and just got back from sending it in the post today.

I'm very disappointed in AMD GPU and will pretty much never go away from NVIDIA again after such a bad experience. 

Goodluck everyone.


Fammi sapere se risolvi il problema con NVIDIA cosi rendo anche io la scheda e prendo un 4080


Journeyman III

I also just could not get Warzone to run on my computer (7800X3D, 7900XTX). Tried disabling XMP, no overclocks, no undervolts, would still just hard crash just as OP is saying. Thankfully I'm not really into the game and literally EVERY OTHER GAME WORKS FINE. Not sure why it's an issue, but it is. 


I was having a problem with World of Tanks - Blitz on just a few of my computers.  I only run with AMD video cards.  Then a few days ago the game was updated in Steam and suddenly it works fine.  So I am convinced that it is likely the game causing the crash @Romaine .  I also think you should have a higher wattage PSU to go with that card that you now shipped off.  I would start at 1000 watts and maybe go higher with a 7900 XTX.  

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".
Journeyman III

Please let me know if the Nvidia card worked to resolve your issue??  I am in the same boat with an AMD card and the only game I really play is MW3 Warzone...I have just a couple of days left to return the card and grab an Nvidia which is what I am planning on doing, so an update would be really appreciated! Thanks

Adept I

I got RX 7600XT , same issues only with Warzone, tried everything. 

It really appears to be the MW3 Warzone game developers problem.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".
Adept I

Buongiorno ragazzi io ho parzialmente risolto facendo un undervolt alla scheda video da adrenalin. Se passo dal Multy a Warzone mi da problemi e il gioco si schianta se invece vado direttamente su Warzone non succede nulla. Con undervolt ho perso quasi 100fps perΓ² gioco in 1440 con 280/320 fps su ranked