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Adept I

Msi Gaming X RX 5600 XT problems (i think)

I just finished my first pc and I have some issues with it. It's a ryzen 5 3600, rx 5600 xt msi gaming x, 16 gb ram corsair vengeage at 3200 mhz, b450 aorus elite atx and 1tb hdd 120gb ssd and a cv650 corsair psu. After I powered the pc up I installed the windows 10 pro. I installed chrome and started to install the drivers. ai tried to automaticly install the drivers and didn't work so I decided to install them manually. Everything worked well but I started to see some flickering dots that were different colors but mostly white or grey. They were appearing and dissapearing everytime I was moving my mouse. That's not the only weird thing that is happening. There are some lines and shapes appearing and disspearing again everytime I move my mouse. I think that this things are from the gpu or from the monitor. I switched the hdmi cable and it's the same thing. i updated only the gpu drivers because cpu drivers was installing me ryzen master and when i tried to open it, it was working some minutes and then chrashing. Some games are also chrashing like minecraft or csgo sometimes. I also have 16gb ram and everywhere they are showing just 8gb. If anyone can help me please!

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I would start by re installing all drivers for AMD, for gpu use DDU, but make sure you tick off the windows auto install, so it doesn't install from them, now after that, first install only the chipset drivers for the mobo usb and all that good stuff, once that is done all the way, and rebooted, then install the gpu drivers, once done:
Go in windows settings > system> Power & sleep> on the left click on: "Additional power mode", then there change power settings to one of the AMD labeled power scheme. be it balanced or in my case *AMD Ryzen High Performance.
then if you have Aida64 or similar do a stress test, of cpu, ram, cache, etc first, then do again but with the gpu hope this helps you.

I'll try and get in touch with u after that!

but how do i remove and reinstall drivers?

Journeyman III

Still a good card at its original specs as well, don't get me wrong - but there's going to need to be serious caution if someone wants one with the faster memory. And, given that AnandTech's analysis said that most of the performance gain was from the increased memory speed, that's the one that I want.

Hell, for my son's use, I might see if I can, say, get the Pulse with the new BIOS, but then drop the GPU speed down to the lower settings. Some nagging corner of my brain wants to get the best fps/watt out of this rather than maximizing performance. And, at 2560x1080, this card won't need to be pushed to its limits yet.

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Adept II

First things first, lets see if we can fix something here, your ram only showing 8 gig, does that also includes windows10 reporting back 8 gig.

Also check if you slotted the ram modules correctly eq ram slot r4_1 and ram slot r4_2, you only use 2 modules what it think you slotted r4_1 and r4_3, instead of r4_1 and r4_2, or slotted r4_4 and r4_2, it's a common misstake people make when slotting ram modules, not saying you did but i just want to make sure.

As far i can see the 4 ram slots are numbered in this way, r4_1, r4_3, R4_2, R4_4 from bottom to top between power supply mobo connector to your cpu socket, follow the numbers.

If thats not the case and the 2 modules are conencted correcly make sure they are locked in place, then check your bios settings on your ram modules, make sure they are set correctly and are detected as specified to your ram modules specs eq voltage and speed.

If that still fails check each module seperatly in slot r4_1, see if one module could be faulty./damaged.

Then the artifacting on screen.

The weird flickering dots, are we talking about actual dots or are you talking about a squared box at the size of a letter, if so your gpu gets to hot, i had the same and it's a common problem with amd gpu and some nvidia gpu's .

Go and change your fan settings in radeon software and make sure your fans run at full speed before reaching 80 degrees, keep it below 80 degrees, i have set it to 60 degrees to keep it cool and never reaches higher then 76 degrees.

If your radeon keeps resetting it self then refert to default and start using msi after burner with a custom fan setting, and stay clear of radeon software options, you can't use both fan settings at the same time, also try to avoid chill, chill is bugged may work for some time but eventually  makes your graphics card drivers crash referting back to amd default settings, try the radeon anti lag instead.

Make sure your msi afterburner is started and running at each startup with your custom fan setting, if you get arifacting your msi after burner is not running for some reason or if you use radeon fan settings your drivers reset it self for some reason, pc crash, hard reset, power failure.

I know long story, but trying to help here, dont mind the typos.

if you are looking for short answers then buy a console, on a pc there are no short answers!

a pc does not make mistakes, it's the human who provides the wrong instructions.

I solved the ram problem. One of them wasn't proper installed. I switched the gpu with an old one and everything it's fine now. I send the GPU under the warranty. The GPU came like that, probally the courier hit the box or something or it had a problem from the factory. I'll wait it to come now. Thanks for the answer btw . Have a nice day.


Good to hear that you managed to solve things.

As soon you get your new card and the artifacting gets back pls for your wallet and time sake follow the fan custom control settings i told you about, and make the changes you will be happy that you did before you need to send another gpu card back to the factory.

Better to be safe then sorry.

Journeyman III

Hi. I switched my external GPU from an RX580 to an RX5600XT (gaming X). But the BIOS screen to the Windows starting screen looks like this: (not full screen)

I found that it was because my monitor (LG 27QN600) had Freesync turned on, but RX580 doesn't have this problem.

Does anyone know how to deal with this problem?

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