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Latest Ryzen 5 CPUs Win 11 support

The AMD website states that the latest AMD Ryzen 5500GT and 5600GT CPUs (product launch date 1/8/2024)  are Win-11 supported.

However, on the Microsoft Win 11 supported AMD website, these CPUs have not been listed (yet).


Can anyone update please?

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All AMD processors ZEN+ and newer are compatible with Windows 11.  Both the 5500 series and 5600 series processors are listed in Microsoft Win 11 CPU list.

Most likely Microsoft hasn't updated its CPU Support list for AMD processors yet. That is why at AMD Processor Specs website it mentions it support Windows 11.

That Microsoft Windows 11 CPU Support list concerns only with the processor itself and not its Integrated Graphics part.

No, I won't spend time, effort and money to upgrade my Ryzen 5 2400G processor to Ryzen 5 5500GT processor until Microsoft updates their "Win 11 Supported AMD processors".


If you feel that Microsoft is the final word on whether a CPU is compatible or not why are you posting on an AMD forum asking for an update?

Here's a Windows 11 Community board, maybe you can get your answers there...

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Yup, as @elstaci states my 3400G which is Zen+ and came out in 2019 upgraded to Windows 11.

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You won't have any issues using these processors with Windows 11.  

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