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Journeyman III

compatability recommendations for my pc with ryzen 7 4700ge and a AMD Radeon RX 570 8GB GDDR5

  • Hello new to pc gaming/building in general and purchased my first refurbished pc equip with a ryzen 7 4700ge apu with radeon intergrated graphics. Emulation so far between retro consoles and AA platforms if near flawless however AAA gaming is very problematic and was looking for advice on whether theres a compatible gpu I can utilize in my setup or if upgrading the 16gb of ram I have instead in hopes of being able to allocate more ram towards the internal graphics.  if anyone has any advice on what option is better I'd really appreciate it. Current gpu in mind radeon rx 570 8gb gddr5 open to recommendations thank you.
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Adept II

I believe a radeon rx 6950 xt is compatible, but I could be wrong 

Prince Ragland

you can try to upgrade to at least RX 6700 XT. however, your processor only support up to pcie gen 3, so expect that gpu will not perform 100% as it should. it need processor with pcie gen 4 such as Ryzen 7 5700X. 

Adept III

I think most integrated graphics performance is tied to memory bandwidth and not size, so a RAM upgrade probably won't change much. A GPU would offer the biggest gains. To install a GPU you need to have an empty PCIE x16 slot, a 6 pin power cable, and enough power supply headroom.

The 570 is a good choice, but it is an older card so some recent games may not perform well. You would want to check that your case supports full size PCIE cards, you might need to get a low profile GPU instead.


Thank you and that was really helpful so I've went through on a second hand purchase becuase my system has everything I needed to connect said unit however upon installation and driver updates I keep receiving an error code from my display adapter error code 43 this is causing the adrenaline software to not be able to read my display drivers I'm to believe was wondering if you or anyone would have any advice on this type of issue I've tried Uninstaling and reinstalling and even reset and reupdated my system bios and preformed clean installs on my systems again to the same results.

I'm assuming it's a Windows error 43.
If you have done a complete reinstall of Windows you likely have a hardware problem. You can try to disable the integrated GPU in your BIOS/UEFI and see if that changes anything.

error code 43 mostly due to parts faulty. better to get a new gpu or used gpu to replace it. 


If you concerns is mainly for gaming reasons than go to this website I use to get a general idea of the FPS in various games with the hardware you have currently installed  or will have in the future plus if the GPU or CPU will bottleneck and by how much: FPS & Bottleneck Calculator 

By the way, the more and faster System RAM installed the better both your CPU and GPU will work in gaming situations.

you can see for your yourself by inputted different amount of System Ram in the website link above.

Also, most likely your RX 570 is much more powerful than your APU Integrated Graphics with limited vRAM which takes away from your System RAM amount.

You can use your Integrated Graphics as a backup in case your GPU card go bad.