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a wild two system build one or two PSU'S

so i have my current rig .....Maximum Overkill ...some of you may have seen it ...well i am going to mod heavily the p90 case i have and build two systems on it current system while gaming draws about 480 watts ....i have a 1500w psu in it ....i know overkill it is ...but this psu used to run a 5.1 ghz fx8350 with two Radeon 390s in it so i wuz closer to 1000 watts any way ...

id like to know some things about power supply's ... i want to try and use the one 1500w psu but the psu splitter i seen a few years ago by phanteks is not on sale anymore i seen a duel 24 pin motherboard cable being sold is this safe to do?.....never tried and i dont know anyone who has tried it .....if its safe i want to ..but if its not ill just get some different psu's maybe a couple 750s would be better i know hardware and building i just dont know bout this power supply thing with two systems and i do not want to blow nothing has anyone here split a psu in this type of way? the x570 aorus elite and this 2600x cpu i won will be going on this rig it will be used with a capture card as a streaming maching ...a fire will run game servers or what ever else i feel like setting it up to do ....mostly firewall and for streams.....i overclock my main rig but this second one wont be its going to need to be 100 percent stable for the things ima do and i just dont see it drawing more then 480 watts that my 3950x and 5700 xt liquid devil draws

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I personally have never seen a dual system rig with just one PSU. I would go with the dual 750w and call it a day or one 600w and one 850w to leave room for the main rig upgrades down the line. 

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