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7950X my prediction vs reality

Now that my 7950X is configured I tested out how close I came in my prediction which I made in June, before the name of the CPU was even known.

So here goes.

My prediction was:

Using simple arithmetic and my experience with Ryzen I can tell you almost exactly what performance to expect from aa 7950X (or whatever they choose to call their Zen4 16 Core/32 Thread CPU.

1) All core frequency between 5.15 and 5.2 GHz
2) Optimal voltage around 1.05 Volts
3) CineBench R23 performance around 39,500.
4) Maximum temp with a good cooler around 75 degrees Celsius with an all core load on a warm day.

The reality:

At 1.05 Volts I get an all core of 5.05 GHz with a score of 37, 855 and a temp of 63 degrees Celsius
At 1.09 Volts I get an all core of 5.15 GHz with a score of 38,693 and a temp of 69 degrees Celsius
At 1.105 Volts I get an all core of 5.2 GHz with a score of 39,107 and a temp of 71 degrees Celsius

I was 55 mv off on the Voltage, 393 off on the score, and 4 degrees off on the temp.

In percentages that is:
+5% off on the Voltage
-1% off on the Score
-6% off on the Temp

I posted my original prediction as a screenshot below, and it includes the date:

7950X prediction.png


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Adept I

Strange this guy(Mike Nager) is not a you-tuber, he has been spot-on better than most Tech YouTubers spewing out random claims with no absolute idea what they are saying. My theory is on most tech YouTubers are influenced by AMD/Intel/Nvidia's money or products they hope to get for free. Jay's two cents and Linus' are Pc Tech Influencers, not reviewers. The rest are closet Fanboys afraid their favorite tech builder will be upstaged. I call Mike Nager's Logic The NagerLogic!! or common sense(that this world is in short supply) 😮

Adept II

Thanks for the posting the info!

Can you add how you made the settings, e.g. was this accomplished using Ryzen Master as in previous versions?



Yes, it was done exactly the same as the previous versions (3950X and 5950X).

I did gain some extra knowledge from a friend of mine Atomized Asteroid, but it is only confirmed on MSI and GigaByte boards, that you can achieve the same results in the BIOS, simply by not setting the clockspeed per CPU, but rather per CCX (even on single chiplet CPUs).

So you can use my methodology to chicken-clock your CPU to its maximum potential and then use the BIOS method to set it in stone so to speak.

If you have any problems you can always contact me on Discord under the name "Michael Nager#2239"

You might be interested in this post that I just wrote:

Hi again,

I'm not on Discord but looking into installing it...

I just upgraded from my 3600x to a 5600x CPU and I'm seeing some weird results. With both my 3600x and 3900x, I was able to set the max voltage at 1.3v and set the max clock as you detailed in your guide.

This time when I went to Ryzen Master to enter the settings 1.30.v, clock at 3800 MHz as a test, the PPT and AMP values went through the roof and the computer shut down. Ryzen Master seemed to want the max voltage set to 1.1v.

Leaving everything at stock default BIOS settings, Cinebench multi-core tests would not exceed 1.27 volts, but the cores maxxed out at 4000MHz. Single core test went to 4650MHz but didn't exceed 1.27 volts again. This is not what I would expect based on previous experience. PBO has been disabled in both BIOS settings including the AMD Overclock section.

All settings the BIOS were set to Auto, except for RAM (DOCP 3200) and the LLC for CPU and SOC (set to level 3).

I'm currently using a stock cooler because the Wraith Prism retention mechanism broke during the CPU swap.

It's seems weird that if I set the 1.3V limitation, it would exceed the PPT, Temp and other limits.

Here's the system info:

Asus Strix 507-E gaming- BIOS 4408, 5600X stock cooler (looking into getting a better one)

32GB RAM - two sticks CMW32GX4M2C3200C16

Asus Strix 5600XT

Corsair RM850x power supply - 850 watts

Chipset drivers -

Windows 11

I mean, I can't say the chip is malfunctioning, but it seems weird that I can't apply the settings in your guide. 

I will work to get on Discord, any help would be appreciated.




default testdefault testMulti coreMulti coreSingle CoreSingle Core



Update: replaced CPU with 5800X and new cooler, I'm able to set the the clock speeds and voltage now.