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Who Makes The Best Webcam and Microphone for Under $100?

I've got around a dozen computers on my LAN.  I've built most of them, including some very unique modded cases.  But only two of my machines have webcams and free-standing microphones attached to them via USB interface.  I've been thinking about adding this capability to another machine, but I'd like some recommendations of what webcams and microphones are the best performing for the money.  This Logitech C920S Pro seems like a good deal at $70 USD, but can I do better, as in a higher frame rate?  What about the HyperX QuadCast microphone for $90 USD?  Let me know of better deals if they are out there.  

There are lots of webcams out there.There are lots of webcams out there.


And there are lots of microphones too.And there are lots of microphones too.


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In my opinion, The Logitech C920S is a good choice. Just stay away from Microsoft webcams. The image quality that they produce is sub par. (I have both a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema and a Logitech C920) If you want 4k though, you might want to go with a different brand

As far as audio goes, the mic on the Logitech, although not studio quality, is fine for everyday use.