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STRIX RX590 performance enquiries

hey, im gonna be upgrading to Ryzen 5700x soon and im curious to know how this GPU runs compared to when utilization of an FX8350? im already bottleknecked like crazy by my FX and im super excited to adopt my first ever ryzen for usage. by the time i've posted this im fed up with my fx as im trying to download my games and im bottlekneck simply by downloads. and all i can do is watch youtube. i cannot play a game whatsoever as im straight up past the 90% usage for FX. 98% of the time when ever i download im mostly stuck at 100% highesst clock is 4249mhz. and thats not even gaming... even though im at bottleknecked performance of my FX the temps are fine. just glad i have 10 fans installed... but seriously have i made the right decision to buy the 5700x CPU? its gonna be installed to a MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max, with Arctic A34 Dual Fan CPU cooler. and im gonna use the Fractal core 2500 chassis because i love its cooling method as im using the Core 2300 and its brilliant for FX especially from my overclocked FX and RX590.

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I went from an 8120 to an R5 5600. Night and day difference, especially once I moved my boot and gaming drives to NVME. I'm still using an RX570, so at least I know what my bottleneck is.

Performance over Pretty.

If the 5700X fits your budget and needs, YES!  You won't regret that choice.  However, even though it is an MSI board,  I would like to steer you away from the B450 chipset and encourage the X570 chipset.  The MEG series are excellent quality and high priced.  The MAG and MPG both have reasonable prices for the X570 chipset.  Don't cheap out on the motherboard for that CPU.  Chances are you will be upgrading the GPU in the near future and I've seen to many problems as a result of a chipset that cannot perform what you are asking it to do.


Even though I'm a B450 user I have to reinforce the advice above, if you want the Zen 3 5700X steer away from that board, the VRM configuration for that board is just OKAY'ish for the 5700X and the B450 chipset is very old at this time.

And it probably won't work out of the box unless you have a Zen1+ or Zen2 CPU to flash that BIOS.

Get a Very Strong B550 board like the RoG Strix B550 E Gaming (beware they can be expensive) if all you do is gaming and overclock is on your scope. Or get a decent quality X570 like the TUF X570 for the improved feature level that you can only get with the X chipset.

Do you really have a Strix RX590??? They were pretty respectable for a Polaris card. You can still use it with medium settings, FSR and heavy OC today and get above playable levels, but its time to get a new GPU, a 6750XT would certainly do wonders paired with that 5700X. 😉



The Englishman

I'm still running an RX 480, and your right, that RX 590 is one hxxx of a card.   Here is a good comparison of that cards capabilities.

Cinebench multi.pngScreenshot 2022-11-20 112243.pngRyzen 9 3900X - RX 5700 XT.png


Oh!  By the way, don't trash that FX 8350, it has been a solid work horse for years.  It still has a lot of life in it and can be used for other things.


It's just no longer viable for gaming is all. At least, the 8120 isn't.

Performance over Pretty.

I have an 8350 on one machine.  Granted it is not a gamming machine by todays standards, but you posted it bottlenecks even with downloading.  The GPU - CPU combo should not have any effect on that at all.  Your network has everything to do with that.  This 8350 of mine will download at 2+ MB/s.  and it is coupled with an R7 350 with Windows 7 Professional.  

What version of Windows are you running on?  If your still running XP then there is your bottleneck.  Windows 7 at least will support 802.11a,b,g,n.  Even though my ISP is 802.11ac I can't access the ac bandwidth.  Three of my machines have the 802.11 ax protocol, so they are bottlenecked at the ac bandwidth.

Now in your search for that new motherboard, you might want to get integrated wi-fi.  Most will use the Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 adapter, or at least MSI does.

As far as your RX 570 working it will perform OK, just not compatible with games of the last 2-3 years.  Kind of like my RX 480, but I'm not a big time gamer at all.  In fact I haven't even purchased a new game in over 5 years.  Everything is online and that is not my cup of tea.  I have a couple of other hobbies that I prefer spending my $$$ on.


The 8370 served me well, even the Phenom 965 allowed me to run Doom Eternal.

But keep in mind that they are not fine wine and do not get better with age. 😄

The Englishman

I had a Phenom 810 for a few years. Was a great CPU. But they age more like eggs as opposed to wine or milk. 🤣 

It's good... it's good... it's good... *certain update drops* BOOM! IT'S NOT GOOD!

Performance over Pretty.

I love that "age like eggs as opposed to wine" but milk ages somewhat like eggs also. 😂


How true.

My 8120 was on Win10 Home when I took it out of service. At the end was great for everything but gaming, and it only did a nosedive in the last 6-9 months I had it in service. The most noticeable game to suffer was War Thunder. But they tend to make a bunch of Under The Hood changes when they do their quarterly content updates, and their Dagor Engine just has no love for the older CPUs. I've been playing that one since the very end of CBT; fun fact, I signed up a couple weeks before CBT closed and got my access code so late in CBT that they comped me a premium bomber that was only available to EU players to apologize for a technical glitch. I literally got loaded in about 6 hours before they shut the servers down for a couple days to make some changes and prep them for OBT. That was about 11 years ago now, and I've gone through 3 MoBos, 4 CPUs, and 3 GPUs. 

Halo Infinite has been a game that's always been a bit of a struggle for me to run on the RX570. It'll do it, just not very well. On the FX rig, I got 40-50fps in regular 4v4 modes, and the 12v12 BTBs dipped that down to 20, if I didn't crash out. On the R5 5600, I'll get 65-72 fps (monitor cap) in 4v4, and about 50-60 in 12v12. All settings on low.

The 8120/RX570 combo handled Rogue Company reasonably well, as long as I didn't induce a crash by selecting my character too fast. There was something about two players on the same team selecting characters simultaneously that induced crashes of that game. No issues at all pulling 72fps on Medium or High. On the R5 5600, that game is absolutely rock solid. Now the only crashes are when Unreal Engine dumps the bed. CS:GO also ran incredibly well on the old rig. 

I've got an insurance settlement that I almost completely forgot about in the works (got an email about it today) that will probably help towards a new monitor and that RX6700XT that @eebiii dibbz'd me a water block for. But bills and moving expenses come FIRST. I hate being an adult!

Performance over Pretty.


 this is what i have acquired so far... just a few weeks after i posted for rx590 to work with r7 5700x enquiries. i got a rx5500xt 8gb oc for a bargain price brand new for £112 on ebay auction. 



 my fx and rx original build, sorry for a terrible internal image. almost dropped and damaged the side panel fan. the fractal will replace the crust dell and the r7 5700x will replace the fx. considering replacing win 10 on the fx and installings either steam os/xp [retro gaming] or multibooting. i do have a radeon r7 240 2gb installed on my dell im willing to add to the fx pc but retaining the rx590. but no crossfire intended. as im gonna take out the AX3000 wireless card and the soundblaster fx and install them in my new build later, and replace the soundblaster fx with audigy se. since the MB has pci legacy ports the audigy can use that freeing up the extra pciex2.0x16 for the R7 240. sorry im just winging my plans. is there a way to bios update the B450 while the 5700x is installed? if not i might need to take it to a store for them to flash it for me. also does anyone know if SAM works on the B450?

Fractal Design Core 2300
*AMD Vishera Black Edition FX-8350 (OctaCore) (Auto Overclocking Variable)
*WD Green SATA SSD 480GB for OS/SAMSUNG QVO SATA SSD 1TB x2 with WD_Black External 8TB HDD for Games and external Apps
*Windows 10 Pro Insider x64
*ASUS ROG STRIX Radeon RX590 8GB (Overclocked to 1625Ghz)
*Gigabyte 970A-D3P rev2
*TP-Link AX3000 WiFi 6 with Bluetooth 5 Network Card
*Arctic A32 with 2x Arctic F12 PWM PST Fans
*6x Arctic F14 PWM PST+ F12 PWM PST [1x connected to GPU]
*Aero Cool Integrator 850w
*Creative SoundBlaster FX 5.1 with SBX Pro Studio
*Bitfenix Alchemy 2.0 Magnetic LED Purple x3
*Corsair Value DDR3 1600Mhz 8GB x4
*ASUS Blu-Ray Read Only Internal Optical Drive
*MS Official XSX Wireless Controller x2
*MS Ergonomical Mouse/Bluetooth Keyboard
*Thermaltake Commander FT 5.5-Inch Screen Fan Control Panel
*ASUS 2.5GB USB3.0 Network Adaptor


i play games like GTAV, Resi Evil, FFXIV, MineCraft outta my usual 420+ games. so far GTAO seems alright on everything high, 1080p, FXAA, anistropic x16, Long Shadows and shadows on AMD rendering. i get more crashing on very high. my ASUS twin Monitors and Bravia TV can only do FHD 60Hz. curious to see how Resi Evil 4 Remake runs on FX8350 lol. im scared to melt my CPU for trying it. i prefer to run games at DX11 because of a smoother playabillity experience over DX12. RDR2 runs quite poorly on this build. also DX12.1 or DX12.2 are incompatible with my PC.



I used to run the original Halo on that old HD 6950 that  I had and it did quite well.  Although I guess after 3 or 4 gens latter the graphics have become more demanding.  lol

IIRC, the Original Halo for PC came out in 03. So a full 20 years ago. I think I was running a Radeon 8000 at the time. I bought the game when it launched because I had a ton of fun playing it on my buddy's Xbox at his place. I got my Xbox in 2004 as a housewarming/birthday gift from my g/f at the time, and it came with Halo and a couple other games. I lamented not being able to play them on PC after it was announced that Halo 2 wasn't going to get ported... Until I bought MCC on sale a couple of years ago on the Xmas sale. Playing Halo on my FX-8120/RX570 combo at 1080p felt.... weird. Wasn't too bad on the Athlon/HD4350, or the Phenom II R7 250, though.

Now my rig struggles to run Halo Infinite because of the massive GPU bottleneck on the RX570.

Performance over Pretty.

My 8350 has an R 350 GPU and it is a dedicated machine for 1 purpose.  My wife has embroidery machines like we have computers.  So I have a Haupage tuner to connect with our antenna to get sewing programs saved on a 2 TB Seagate Barracuda HDD.  That's it, and it handles that job on a daily basis.