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Recommendations for Memory (RAM)

Hey friends!

Following up on my "recommendation" posts with one for memory. I'm looking for any good brand suggestions when it comes to putting some memory sticks on my AM5 build this year, and I'm honestly a little clueless about what's good nowadays.

Sure, I can do a Google search or sweeps some other forums, but I'd love your opinions! I remember Kingston and Corsair being familiar brands a few years back, but I've seen a lot of praise for G.Skill lately.

I'll likely aim for DDR5 and likely 64gb, but open to DDR4 if you make a case for it. School me, Red Team! This will mostly be a gaming PC, with some minimal productivity on the side (general work, web browsing, Microsoft Office suite, etc.)

Please share your thoughts!


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I'm a huge fan of Crucial, but they've abandoned their enthusiast ram so I usually go with G.Skill. It's been pretty good in my experience.


I've been using Corsair Vengence LPX



In my builds for years and I have always been happy with them. They might not be the flashiest, but they to me have been a steady workhorse that gets the job done.

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IF you are going the AM5 route .. I've had hit and miss success with the one 32GB kit I have

2x16BG Gskill Flare X5 EXPO 6000 CAS36 (Samsung)

I had Issues when I had to reboot when this kit was paired with my 7950x on both a Gigabyte B650M Auros Elite AX and an ASRock B650E Steel Legend

But .. is doing ok paired with a Ryzen 5 7600 on the Gigabyte motherboard. Not AS flaky booting .. but like the 7950x, once in Windows, they are stable as a rock running at EXPO 6000

I currently run 

2x16GB Gskill Ripjaws S5 XMP 6000 CAS30 (Hynix) kit 

Paired with my 7950x on the ASRock motherboard and no boot issues .. Tightened/tuned memory subtimings and it's stable as a rock

IF you want to go 64GB, go with 2x32GB sticks instead of 4x16GB. 4 sticks on AM5 is still ... iffy?

ThreeDee PC specs

Corsair and Gskill served me well. Also had Kingston in the past but no longer use them. 

The best thing Corsair has, its their warranty. They are one of the best brands regarding after sales.

I'd follow threedee suggestion on Sk Hynix and 2x32, less stress on the IMC

As always, have a good look at QVL. 

The Englishman

G.Skill is considered the best RAM nowadays, AFAIK.  I'd look into their Trident Z5 kits with 24 and 48 GB modules.  All are XMP 3.0 compatible.

Gskill Trident Z5 RAM.jpg

Modules here:

Here's a calculator you can use to compare kits and calculate latency in nanoseconds (use the first number in the "CL Timing" column above):

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ATM DDR5 is rats' race. SO if u're not in rush wait a little bit.
Also over the years G.Skill was my favourite but they're a little pricey compared to others yet they offer B-dies without tricks. Meaning that if something is B-die in 1st gen then i'll be in next to come. 


Yes, G.Skill is often more expensive than other brands, but I want the best so I save up for it in advance.  I've just this month gathered the parts (the RAM arrived last week, actually) for my current PC (it ain't built yet) and are already saving up for the next one, even if I recon I'll use this current PC for some years ahead.

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