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Journeyman III

Need help with new pc build

Hello, im thinking About all AMD system but im not too sure if im gonna get some bottleneck or something if you know what i mean, im kinda new to this And i would appriciate your help so thanks for everyone responding.


Im thinking About building RX 7800xt + R5 7600 build but on 1080p monitor which im gonna be upgrading in 2 years max, i wanted to ask if this is a good combo for 1080p gaming And if im not gonna get any bottlenecks or something.

Thanks for Reading this and helping me

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Journeyman III

I forgor to add if the stock wraith cooler is enough for the cpu or if i need to buy one too

Adept II

I think with fast memory you can jump to even 4k.With quality mobo and ram.They are too good for 1080p

Adept III

7800xt is more than you "need" for 1080p. Of course, "need" is subjective based on how you want your games to perform at 1080p. Check out some 7800xt reviews to get an idea of the FPS you'll get at 1080p in the games you'll be playing at the quality settings you're interested in.


If you plan on upgrading to a 1440p or 4K monitor and gaming at those resolutions in the future, then the 7800xt is a good fit for that.


Ryzen 7600 is good. You'll typically be GPU bottlenecked more often than CPU bottlenecked depending what game you're playing. There's a few games out there that are lighter on GPU and heavy on CPU (CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, I think), so if you plan on playing those and want insanely high FPS, then you might consider a better CPU. Again, check out some 7600 reviews and get a feel.


You can always start with the stock cooler and upgrade later if you're unhappy with the fan noise or temps. I have the Thermalright Phantom Spirit and can recommend it.


Volunteer Moderator

I would go directly to a 1440p gaming monitor and skip the initial 1080p resolution.  That being said, your video card and CPU should be fine for 1440 p and I would also get at least an 850 Watt PSU to support those.  When I build a computer these days, I use at least a 1000 Watt PSU, as I don't want any power issues coming in to haunt me.  I also recommend 32 GB of memory and a 2 TB M.2 SSD.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Pretty much all of the above.

But you need to pay extra focus on these 2

Board and Memory

Don't cheap out on the board and don't go ballistic either. The chipset is a bit irrelevant, its the way the board is built that dictates things, like does it have a quality VRM configuration. Avoid flagship boards, those are reserved for the very few.

Example Given: RoG Strix B650E -E is a very good catch, including top of the line VRM, memory support, 7 segment troublehooting lcd, reinforced slots with a release button for those big GPU and many more.

Consult the Memory QVL and pick a memory kit that is present there, on the board vendor support site page, not on the memory vendor.

Then as @BigAl01 said, go for 1440p with 144hz, at this time they are super affordable comparing to what it was just 3 years ago. Avoid expensive G-Sync models, you will be needing Freesync support instead.


750/850Watt Platinum/Gold is the minimum and if you plan keeping it for longer as they sometimes have 10years of warranty, 1000Watts is not that farfetched.

Example Given: Corsair honoroured my PSU warranty free of charge after 7 years, it was my very first youtube video.

Good Luck

The Englishman