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I want to stream warzone 2 so I want to prepare before release. I didnt stream before but I want to try it.

I have gamecom 788 headest and microphone on headset maybe can do it. Headset is damaged but works. Maybe I will buy Hyperx cloud II but microphone on that headset is worse.

review for gamecom 788-

I did think to buy razer seiren mini but I know nothing about microphones.

What do you think about razer seiren mini?

Any recommendations?

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I have searched a thing or two about mics but still I'm too green on that matter. 😞

I believe that for a solid sounding mic you'll have to stretch the budget to near a hundred. So I'm decided on the Kingston Quadcast.

Headsets are good for game communications only, or meetings as they focus more on getting the voice understandable in those situations.

Example: The RoG Strix Go 2.4 has AiNoise cancelling which is really effective at blocking unwanted noises but for a Youtube video will be not that great.

Cardioid Condenser Mics will be more effective for isolated sound, so you shouldn't have background noise. They can be good for streaming and talking head videos.


Have a look on some videos on the YT for that specific mic and see how it sounds. That would be a great start.

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kingston quad cast would cost me 150 euros and seiren mini 75 euros. I will be patient and look for good deal during november.

I now look for new 27 inch 1920x1080p monitor so budget for microphone is not big.



Keep an eye on Amazon, sometimes the quadcast goes for under 100.

Or try a "used - like new" deal at Amazon, sometimes its just damaged box. 


If you were buying 2years ago, that monitor 27 1080p was worth getting. Now, I would go for 1440p even if your card struggles with it.

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Amazon is not option for me and I pay extra for pc parts equipment and monitors where I live. I did buy 27 inch 1920x1080p before 2 years and I am happy with it. But good 27 inch 2560x1440p monitor would cost me double. I plan to get 2560x1440p monitor during next year but I would like to wait little and get 32 inch because I think 27 inch is small for that resolution.

I think 24 inch 1920x1080p and 32 inch 2560x1440p have same pixel size and its already hard to see pixels and pixels will be really small with 27 inch and 2560x1440p monitor. Distance between my eyes and monitor is around 70 cm and I am fine with 27 inch 1920x0180p monitor. I will try 2560x1440p monitor I hope next year but before that I want to buy 5800x3d because 2700x cant keep up always with 6700xt in 1920x1080p.

I like high fps and I can see difference between witcher 3 where I can have 144+ fps and metro exodus enhanced edition or red dead redemption 2 where fps is lower. 144hz refresh rate is minimum for me.


I don't know what brand of monitor you have, but I don't think it really matters for this.  You can run a 1920 x 1080 in 2560 x 1440 resolution without damaging the monitor.  I've been doing it for quite some time and it works fine.

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Hey @zzznz , 

I don't know much about the razer seiren mini, but I highly recommend the Logitech G733 headphones - they're super comfy and sound pretty good on the mic. 

If your headphones still work and you want to get a mic separately for your stream, I got my partner a FIFINE mic when he wanted to try out streaming and it sounds great. 

I see you're looking for a cheaper option, so I would recommend looking around for podcast mics. There's lots out there that will sound good and won't break the bank 🙂 

Edit - I noticed you mentioned you can't use amazon so updated my links for you! 

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I did buy hyperx solocast and I am happy with it. I did find good deal for solocast and quadcast s but quadcast s did cost x3.

In review microphone did perform good against quadcast.