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5800X3D questions

can you share your experience with that cpu?

what changes in temperatures should I expect after upgrade from 2700x?

I use thermal grizly kryonaut  and wraith prism cooler but maybe upgrade to dark rock pro 4 will be needed.

some users did complain that its hard to cool 5800x3d so I worry but I want that cpu because its strongest am4 cpu for games.

On some yt video about 5800x3d I saw small boost with ram speed over 3200 mhz.

What you think is there reason to go for faster ram?

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I've had the 5800X3D since August of last year. I have no complaints with it. The regular Dark Rock 4 will be enough to cool as well. Dark Rock Pro 4 would be overkill, but will be even more silent if you went that route. I'm currently using the BeQuiet Pure Rock 2 and have another fan attached. It gets the job done, but my silent base case provides plenty of airflow, too. So that helps in addition. I can't speak to the boost with RAM speed over 3200. I'm using a 4x8 config running at 3200. The word is Ryzen does better with faster ram. So the recommendation has been 3600mhz RAM the last few years.

Here is a link to my temps idle and gaming when I posted back in Sept.

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I have the Ryzen 7 5800X3D. And it's my favorite CPU, ever. Great for gaming. 

Note, the max. operating temp is 90C. That said, idle temps should be around 45C, and depending on what you're running the temp will reach approximately 70C to 80C. This is normal, and again, depending on what you're running. 

The key feature of the CPU is the 3D memory, specifically, it featured 96 MB of Level 3 cache, practically eliminating any latency.

Check it out: "AMD 3D V-Cache Technology"


About RAM, simply put, the more the better. Combined with the CPU 3D V-cache, having higher speeds RAM will improve the overall performance of your gaming rig. But keep in mind that the RAM's frequency may need to be set through your motherboard's BIOS. In general, the frequency of your memory kit is set to lower speeds (i.e. less than 3000 cycles). The same goes for your display's refresh rate, unless you manually set it to what your display can handle, it's normally set to 60Hz. 

I hope you find this information helpful! 


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