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180 degree GPU PCIE power adapter. Safe to use?

Hi everyone!

I hope I post this in the right place. I wanted to know if it's safe to use these adapters on our GPUs. images.jpeg

I just installed my new 7900 xt in a Lian Li 216 and wanted to give my case a cleaner look (and better airflow) but won't if these things have a high failure rate. If they're okay to use what are some factors I need to consider before getting them?


Thanks to everyone who responds! 

2 Replies

They work fine as far as my previous uses. They also make a 5.0 version

ATX 3.0 PCIe 5.0 600W 12VHPWR 16 Pin 180 Degree Angled Adapter - MODDIY

It seems to be a adapter that both plugs on the adapter are connected directly with each other without any electronics involved.

So I don't really see any issue unless for some reason the adapter won't be able to withstand the high wattage from your GPU card.