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OpenGL & Vulkan

Adept II

TDR reset or driver crash on vkResetFences; only affects older GCN

While investigating several reports of older GCN cards crashing without throwing an error when running rpcs3, I found the cause to be a call to vkResetFences. The status of the fence is checked first and if its not ready a wait with infinite timeout is done before attempting to reset the fence. A workaround is to discard fences after use and create a new fence instead which fixes the issue. There is no output from the debug layers when this crash happens, the display just hangs and the display system resets the adapter.

Video cards reported to show this problem so far include:

R9 270X

R9 280X

R7 260X


On windows 7, the display resets, on windows 10 the driver hard crashes with a violation in amdvlk dll. Title changed to reflect this information.

A quick google search shows the Doom demo has a (similar?) bug but the issue seems to have been ignored as the full game works fine. That issue is here Doom Not Loading - 7850 17.12.2

There are several seemingly random bugs when using the AMD proprietary driver such as primitive restart seemingly not working properly when using vulkan (crashes and garbage graphics depending on hardware), and we have workarounds for those as well. Most reports I have here have not had replies but given that another application can probably recreate this problem, I figured its worth a shot.

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Hello, thanks for your report, do you see the problem with recent drivers?


User feedback from those with affected systems seems to indicate the issue may have been fixed. I will update or open a new issue if any more reports of the bug are made.