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Rendering to a TextureView broken?

There is a one year old question here with no repro case attached and no resolution. I've commented there about two months ago to provide a repro case, but no reaction followed. I'll ask it in a new question then.

Problem: rendering to a TextureView results in writing data in the parent texture format, not in TextureView format as stated in the OpenGL spec.

Repro case: GitHub - adevaykin/AMDRenderToTextureView: Repro case for bug report 

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Thanks for your report a.devaykin‌, we will investigate this issue as soon as possible.


Thank you for the info. I hope it will be fixed.

By the way, is there a better way to report bugs as developers (not for specific game or software  as a user on AMD bug report web page) than this forum? Maybe there is a person we could stay in contact with per email or messaging or some other way? We encounter bugs like this one from time to time and have to introduce limitations to our software for AMD users when we cannot workaround a bug. It would be great to be able to investigate such issues together for quicker bug fixes as we do with other GPU vendors