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Adept I

Possible bug in VK_extended_dynamic_state3 and multisampling


  I am trying to enable multisampling with vkCmdSetRasterizationSamplesEXT but it seems that for some reason this fails. The rendering takes place normally but the final

images appear as if no multisampling was enabled. Multisampling works correctly if i use the traditional method with VkGraphicsPipelineCreateInfo and VkPipelineMultisampleStateCreateInfo. No validation errors are reported (they are enabled 🙂 ) VK_extended_dynamic_state3 is enabled in the device, extendedDynamicState3RasterizationSamples , extendedDynamicState3SampleMask, extendedDynamicState3AlphaToCoverageEnable features are enable also during device creation.  VkPipelineDynamicStateCreateInfo has VK_DYNAMIC_STATE_SAMPLE_MASK_EXT, VK_DYNAMIC_STATE_RASTERIZATION_SAMPLES_EXT, VK_DYNAMIC_STATE_ALPHA_TO_COVERAGE_ENABLE_EXT  in .pDynamicStates and finally before rendering I call 

vkCmdSetRasterizationSamplesEXT(cmd_buffer, sample_count);
const uint32_t sample_mask = 0xffffffff;
vkCmdSetSampleMaskEXT(cmd_buffer, sample_count, &sample_mask);
vkCmdSetAlphaToCoverageEnableEXT(cmd_buffer, VK_FALSE);

Dev environment is:

Windows 11

Visual Studio 2022

CPU: 5900XT

GPU: 6900XT (Driver 23.12.1)

Here is a link with RenderDoc captures (sorry for the size)


look at the top of the robot (it is much clearer in renderdoc captures)

Not Working (first image original size)

Working (second image original size)

Not WorkingNot WorkingWorkingWorking


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