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Journeyman III

Multiple Exclusive Fullscreens with Vulkan in Windows 10


I am using the VK_EXT_full_screen_exclusive extension to set the exclusive full screen mode controlled by our application via vkAcquireFullScreenExclusiveModeEXT. It works perfectly for one monitor, but it's not possible to set multiple monitors to exclusive fullscreen mode, because when aquiring fullscreen for a new monitor, any previously set fullscreen monitor loses focus, causing that monitor's swapchain to return VK_ERROR_FULL_SCREEN_EXCLUSIVE_MODE_LOST_EXT.

The behavior is in line with Vulkan specs, which say this CAN happen (driver decides), even for application-controlled fullscreen exclusive mode. But I need to render on multiple monitors in exclusive fullscreen mode, so I'm wondering:

Is there a way we can tell the driver NOT to go out of full screen mode when a window loses focus? If not, how can I render fullscreen exclusively on multiple monitors in Vulkan, or is it just not possible with AMD?

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Big Boss


Thank you for the query. I'm moving the post to our Vulkan forum.

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It doesn’t seem like it’s possible to do this for multiple monitors, since only a single swapchain can have exclusive full-screen access. Can you post some sample code showing what you're trying to do and I can try to reproduce.