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OpenGL & Vulkan

Journeyman III

Memory leak in multiple versions of Minecraft

So I decided to boot up some modded Minecraft on version 1.7.10 and after about 20-30 mins I was getting horrible stutters while in an interface. I went to restart my game and it crashed upon me trying to exit to desktop. Opened task manager and booted up MC again and could watch the RAM usage climb rather steadily. In a previous forum someone asked if my VRAM was maxing out as well and indeed it is.

I tested on vanilla, as well as version 1.10.2. My VRAM seems to max out first and then my PC starts pulling memory from other sources (i.e my physical RAM). I've tested Forza Horizon 5 and Rust to see if the issue persisted and it seems to only be with Minecraft. 

I have an RX570 4GB, i7-9700K, and 32GB of RAM. On the latest x64 version of JAVA. I have also tried the last 3 or 4 drivers.

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Big Boss

Hi @CamJ7103 ,

Thanks for reporting it. I have whitelisted you and moved the post to the appropriate forum.

It seems that a similar issue was reported here: High VRAM consumption in Minecraft

Could you please have a look at the above post? 

If these two issues are related, then we have already filed a bug ticket for this memory issue and the OpenGL team is looking into it.


Appears to be the same issue as mine, thanks.