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[LINUX][E8860][OpenGL][FireGL]My aplication can't render with FireGL


I'm developing an interface with openGL, and now don't work. In the develop I was using generic drivers in ubuntu that use Mesa with OpenGL, and all render perfectly, but when I install my E8860 and install the drivers, It don't work.

On screen is not error message or stop working my aplication, just the render is not working. For example, If I draw an quad (it's a 2D application) the 4 vertex move and don't render a quad. I think that this move is random, because in all the elements to draw just change the vertex of some of them.

I notice that when the aplication work, It use Mesa, and when not, It use FireGL. With nvidia GPU and drivers this dosen't happend and It render fine.

the openGL version that I'm using is 3.3 and ubuntu 14.04.2 (as need AMD drivers)

thank you.

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Since you are developing an OpenGL interface. Try posting your question at this AMD Forum that deals specifically with OpenGL and Vulkan software and development: OpenGL & Vulkan

You didn't mention which Professional FireGL model you have. I went to AMD Support and clicked on the last FireGL model 8650 and the last known Linux driver was from 2012: FireGL™ V8650 Drivers & Support | AMD .

Here is the AMD Embedded Graphics E8860 Drivers for Linux (2017) : E8860 Drivers & Support | AMD


Okey, I will post this there too.

In the other hand I just install the AMD Embedded Grafics E8860 Drivers that you say, and this install any FireGL version. I'm sure that I never download FireGL and install it for me.

Maybe I sould install any FireGL version instead of defaut version in the drivers?

Also, this make me work with Ubuntu 14.04.2 because is not compatible with other ubuntu the drivers (I will not work with 15.04)



Yes, like elstaci​ said, we need the specific driver version info.

And I also need the following logs for debugging:

1. /proc/PID/maps

2. /var/log/Xorg.*.log

3. dmesg outputs

It'll be very helpful if you can share your test application source code and binary for me to investigate, thanks.


Sure, I can share all you need but just now I can't.

This is because with AMD E8860 I can't continue working, I decide reinstall Nvidia P4000 that I has. Really this don't mean is done, is just to continue working, I need use the AMD.

So, for this I haven't the logs that you are asking for. I reinstall ubuntu for aclean Nvidia drivers installation.

Maybe you can need something that I current have?, really I don't do anything else that install ubuntu, drivers for AMD E8860, eclipse and libraries for my project (OpenGL, and more).

say all libraries I had install and steps I follow can be helpfull?. As I said to elstaci​, maybe I sould install an FireGL specific version?, And If it is, which of them?


xhuang​ is the best person to help you with your problem.

It is possible that like an APU Driver which installs both integrated and discrete drivers for the graphic adapters the same is true with Embedded Graphics drivers. But this is something I am not familiar with and possibly xhuang​ can give a better explanation.



If you're using AMD E8860, then you need to install the latest driver for this device. And if you could describe a little bit more about your steps to install the driver, that could help, like: any different AMD card/drivers or NV card/drivers you've installed previously before E8860.

When you have a chance to share the logs i was asking in my previous reply,  this could be helpful for me to figure out your problem, for example, /proc/PID/maps  (PID is your application's process id) could tell which *.so you're actually using, /var/log/Xorg.*.log would let us know if there's any error message when loading drivers.

Really thank you for your help, I'm working to share logs you need, for the moment I can say that, as I know I install the lastest drivers for E8860, in this link:

E8860 Drivers & Support | AMD

I download the driver for linux, and I installed it on Ubuntu 14.04.2, this is with a clean install, no previusly AMD/NV drivers was installed, just the general drivers from Ubuntu. The way to install was:

1º Download and run (sudo ./driverInstaller) -> Output: Please check the install log to resolve dependencies before install

2º Install dependencies

3º Install drivers (same as 1 step)

4º Autoconfig X files (As I can remember)

5º Reboot

Nothing more I do.

As soon as I can I will share the logs, for the moment I must continue in the development, and I can't stop now for reinstall Ubuntu 14.04.2 (I'm now on lastest 14.04) and reinstall the GPU and drivers and go back.

I hope have the logs the next week, however your help is really helpfull for us, thank you again.

keep in touch,



Hello, you mentioned that your app works well with mesa, is it possible to share your minimal application with us, although I dont have E8860, i could have a try on other AMD card.

BTW, the only AMD card you have is E8860?

Sure, I'm making a demo to share, and with the same problem, just in a few hours I will send it.

I only have AMD E8860, because we sould use it on this project, so I can't test the aplication with other AMD card.

When I finish my demo, I just will post again.

thanks !


I will upload the project to GitHub, in a Private repository, as want my boss, so all you that need this code for test and what ever, please post your gitHub user or email to invite to repository.


Here is my user name for github: shimmerhuangAMD


Finally I finish the demo project and it is on GitHub, I invite you xhuang​, if you have any problem just say me.

Also, I test that this have the same problem, for me when I run it on Nvidia card, it render an white background with 4 figures rotating, 2 Quads and 2 triangles, with 4 diferent colors.

When I render it with AMD E8860 I see a black screen.

Also say that, is similar than my real project, mayor screen black, but in the original problem project also shoy some deformed colored lines (that is from objects in the aplication). I think that this is because it has more figures rendering.

Any information more just ask me


this is the version I'm running: [CORE] 3.3.13416 Core Profile Context FireGL 15.302.2301

This is an console output when run demo project.

[EDIT] (again)

The foto is the efect that happen with AMD card, and trust me, is not what I designed and saw working with NV card

[EDIT](hope last time)

I forgot the logs xhuang ask me, I add they too


keep in touch,



Hello, may I also have the screenshot for the same demo on NV card?


I'm sorry, but I can't share the screenshot that you want, just for the confidentiality agreement.

I hope that this wasn't a problem for help to slove the problem.

If you need any other thing ask me for it and if I can share it, I will do.


Never mind,  just need a correct picture as reference.



For your demoAMD hosted in github, I have some updates:

I have a workaround : not delete the indices buffer, remove the following OpenGL call  in your quad::quad() and triangle::triangle().

    //glDeleteBuffers(1, &indicesEbo);

With this workaround, I could see the the texts for Appliation average/frame ...

Hopefully this can help you move forward, and we will fix the problem internally first. Let me if you have any further problems.