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Does Radeon Chill work accurately with vertical retrace?

Hi everyone

I would please like some clarity on this subject, I like setting Chill Min = Chill Max = 60FPS or setting Chill Min = Chill Max = 30FPS because it provides less input delay even when in-game VSync is enabled.

But I would please like to know from the driver team if frames are still delivered or buffer swapped accurately during the vertical blanking interval as when only VSync is used with a fixed 60Hz refresh rate? If this is the case, I think it would give a lot of Radeon user's clarity if you noted it on the  or web-pages.

I have tried understanding some assembly code in an ACK3D engine book where it tests for vertical retrace and it seems to wait for vertical retrace to disable before sending a frame. Furthermore, I have played around with the feeling of input response on Console and PC games and it feels like most PC games do not use any additional frame pacing other than the in-game VSync, except for Id Software games like Doom 3 BFG which seems to have better input response because of additional 60FPS frame pacing, which is why Radeon Chill helps for me in this regard with other games, but I am uncertain if it might cause additional frame stutters?

In addition, would setting Chill Min = Chill Max = 60FPS with in-game VSync enabled on a 75Hz FreeSync monitor cause vertical retrace timing issues?

Kind regards