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Journeyman III

There is no Opencl support for 6700xt on ubuntu.

There is something wrong with 6700xt opencl support from 20.50 to 21.10 (lastest).

I want to use 6700xt opencl on ubuntu, but it is not working.

As a result of my test

Rx580 + 20.50 + Ubuntu 18.04 = OK

5700xt + 20.50 + ubuntu 18.04 = OK

6700xt + 20.05 + Ubuntu 18.04 = clinfo segment fault/no Opencl devices available

6700xt + 20.50 + Ubuntu 20.04 = same as above

6700xt + 21.10 + Ubuntu 18/20 = clinfo is fixed but still no opencl device available

So, they said 20.50 add support 6700 xt, but that is not true.

Is there NO test before releasing a driver ? (even if you run clinfo after install it will find something wrong)

How long would this be fixed?

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Maybe Moderator @dipak can move this thread to Developer's Forum OPENCL Forum if appropriate.


Hi @Zign ,

Thank you for reporting it. I've moved the post to the OpenCL forum.

Could you please check if the user is part of the "render" or "video" group?

Because, the latest AMDGPU-Pro installation document says that:

"To use the ROCr implementation of OpenCL, the running user might need additional permissions. Usually the user must be added to the “render” group or to the “video” group. See the notes in OpenCL (Optional Component) for more details."


Please use the below commands to add the current user to the video group and the render group respectively.

sudo usermod -a -G video $LOGNAME

sudo usermod -a -G render $LOGNAME

For more information, please find the installation guide by extracting the downloaded archive, and opening /doc/index.html in your browser.