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Adept II

The 4 x AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT to DNN / CNN / AI / ML on Ubuntu 20.04.2?

Hello, I build the following RIG... it looks like a mining machine, but I want to train on it object classifiers, etc...




After spending on eBay for 4 GPUs so much money that HW, because could not buy at a normal price..., drivers

are not working? I love AMD products and wanted to show super working 4 GPUs... and I can't do that... should

I ruin my budget and buy PRO cards? It does not make any sense... Btw, are you testing (the AMD DEVs) drivers?

If not, I can test them for you and tell you that on 4 GPUs, the 3 works fine, and 1 seems to work wrong with an

issue in ROCm I do not understand, for me looks like a blocker, once on Windows, I checked crypto mining test,

and it works on 4 cards flawlessly, so please stop a joking on users who want to research on the GNU/Linux OS!

Thanks! With current drivers, I can put my RIG in the trash. It is not worth spending... about 10k USD RIG lost!!!

Maybe someone in this community wanted to buy and live in the European Union? Happy to sell those 4 GPUs!

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Adept II

I am sorry to complain, it is not good mood to solve any issue... and there is an issue on the driver or firmware level...

After very careful investigation, it looks like on GNU/Linux and macOS, AMD puts limitation of usage of VRAM to 4GB.

The question is why I cannot allocate more if I got 16GB? Can you answer? I am mean the AMD team... when ask you.



I am sorry, looks like I wrong calculated the amount of VRAM I am using. So... OpenCL allows me to use a bit less than 16GB but not 4GB only. Edited: sorry I do not have GPU monitor on Ubuntu... but on macOS.

Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 13.52.06.png

 Thanks! :-).


I would like to tell you that drivers for Ubunto 20.04 work perfectly fine for me. Sorry for the bit of mistrust I shared! AMD rulez! Btw, I am working of port my CNN engine to Windows as well, you may join me in this open-source here: on this branch it is a pre-integrated solution.

The thing is that I do not know how to leverage AMD OpenCL in Windows, for it works by adding a reg file that is in the 3rdparty folder in the mentioned CNN engine repository branch.

But I am not sure how it works and how to build a CNN engine. Is there any volunteer here?

Thank you!