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Adept II

Mapping between HSA code object versions and OpenCL driver versions

Dear community,

as we know the standard for all Vega GPUs and newer as HSA kernel objects for the last two years passed - at least on Linux systems ... to be honest I do not know if Vega GPUs itself on Windows still run PAL based kernels... Maybe someone can clear that side request for me 🙂

But anyways, this leads me to the core of my question: Is there somewhere a list or rather matrix that gives an idea about which OpenCL driver version will support which code object object version for which of the GPUs around?  Because I find it hard to find out from available documentation to find out how many code objects I need to build for the same GPU and when to select which ... like I know I can load hsa code object version v4 for gfx1010 and 1030 on driver 3261.00 (thats some 21.x), but can I do so for 3004.06 (19.50 ?) ... at least gfx1010 is supported there, but is the code object supported or need I to step back to v2 or v3? Well ... you get the idea.
Any kind of documentation when which code object version was introduced (and then again removed) for which architecture would help a lot cleaning up this jungle. Also: can we always expect Linux and Windows driver to be in sync in this matter? For rdna 1 / 2 cards most of the time it worked good, but just want to be sure 🙂

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for your query. I have forwarded it to the OpenCL team. I will let you know if I get any information on this.