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Adept III

What Games have you added to your Library this year...

Um so wow, has been a little while since my last post. As stated, before I primarily play on my Steam Deck now.

As much as I truly love the awesome progress with Proton *sinister laugh* I am counting the days of Microsoft's demise so I can install Steam OS exclusively on my Desktop at home.

Though atm I am currently running Windows 10 exclusively on my Steam Deck so I can play MIIW, Halo Infinite, AC Valhalla, Division 2... until they come out with official 2tb nvme's, and dual boot system is solidly in place.

Overall the Steam Deck is truly an amazing device.

This is for all those deck users, if you haven't discovered already that basically all games on steam deck for steam os run virtually 100% in desktop mode vs game mode. I have seen/read many complaints how verified/playable games are not enjoyable/playable.

Borderlands 3/ Horizon Dawn text/random crashes/lagginess in Game Mode disappear in Desktop Mode.

You seriously wouldn't know you were playing on the deck if I just parked you in front of a monitor with gamepad. I have personally run Borderlands 3 100% from start to Vault Hunter Mode with zero issues, and currently roughly 30% through Horizon Dawn.

I have found a lot of games that are verified/playable basically run flawless in desktop mode. Not sure what exactly about Game Mode that causes games to run differently vs desktop but hopefully they are exploring why this does occur.

So onward to the topic...

Recently added to my Library this year: (*This Month thru Steam/Epic/Fanatical Games/Microsoft/GoG/Ubisoft)

*AC Valhalla, Odyssey, Origins Ultimate/Complete

*AC III Remastered

*Crysis I, II, III Remastered

*Remember Me

*Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands/Future Soldier Ultimate

Borderlands 3 Ultimate

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete

*Halo Infinite (Finally...was a super DieHard Halo Nutcase)

*MIIW (For all you Deck owners, this plays great on Steam Deck Windows 10)

Mass Effect Legendary (I can not believe I am playing the Mass Effect I, I seriously exited the game and reloaded to make sure I wasn't playing ME3...)

Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe

Monster Hunter Rise

Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2/Lightning Returns

Anyway Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and looking forward to adding more games to my Library this Christmas.

Michael Alan Horton
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Valheim, Stellaris, MW5, Tatics ogre

Journeyman III

thanks for the shear Games ?

Adept I

This is Discord server for GTA Online and Red Dead Online. Join in, its cheater free and English language only server.

Journeyman III

This year, my gaming library has seen some exciting additions, thanks to the remarkable advancements with Proton. sinister laugh While reveling in the joy of exploring new games, I can't help but anticipate the demise of Microsoft, envisioning the day when I'll exclusively embrace Steam OS on my home desktop. In the realm of gaming narratives, the immersive experience of Minecraft Story Mode Official stands out, showcasing the creative potential and diverse storytelling within the gaming universe.

Volunteer Moderator

Death stranding, starfield, diablo 4, assassin's Creed mirage, spiderman 2, cod MW3, final fantasy, Forza tiger woods golf, star wars, and a few I'm probably missing 

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Volunteer Moderator

I added Stray to my library.  I can only play it a short while until I start feeling a bit nauseous, but I can play the free game World of Tanks - Blitz until my hands start to ache. 

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".
Adept I

I added hellblade senuas sacrifice and without any hesitation I can say that it made me love story games! The deep immersion of it was amazing, if you haven't played it I highly recommend!

Added a few simple ones to play with the gf but nothing much out of the ordinary stuff COD, assassin's creed, ooooo crab champions! Almost forgot that one, stupid simple game and yet I've played way too many hours of that. If you need a simple shooter to kill time, crab champions 

Journeyman III

Thanks For Share This Blog !!

Journeyman III

This year, I've made some exciting additions to my gaming library, especially with my focus on the Steam Deck. I've been thrilled with the advancements in Proton, which have expanded my gaming options. I'm eagerly anticipating the day when I can switch exclusively to Steam OS on my home desktop. Speaking of new additions, I recently got my hands on Traffic Rider for IPA, adding another thrilling game to my collection. It's been a great year for expanding my gaming horizons!


I logged in on steam yesterday, I was ashamed of the last time I played..... 😣

But I managed to grab the C&C Remastered for an all time low deal at steam. I think it was 85% off or something like that.

Oh! The nostalgia. 

The Englishman