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Statement of AMD regarding 7950X3D production



Has AMD said anything regarding the current 'launch' of the 7950X3D? 
Whilst of course I don't want to hate no AMD, some even talk about a paper launch at this point.
All over the world it's sold out, or only offered by scalpers. 

At least where I'm from you still can't order a 7950X3D regularly, and any seller I've contacted either ignored me or told me that they don't know when (or if!) they get new supply soon. 

Soo, what's going on right now?

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To be honest, I think the 7950X3D sold better than AMD expected. Similarly why I think the 7800X3D was being sold 6 weeks later. To build up inventory and to see if they could steal some sales with the 7950X3D. I think in a month or two, the 7950X3D production will ramp up because of its surprising demand and will be available. Of course I'm no expert, just thinking out loud.

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Hi there,

May be, but then the claim of a paper launch is justified.

If all of Europe got like 150 Units and no restock for nearly a month at this point, there is no other term to describe this.

AMDs radio silence is also not helping here.
What annoys me the most is that there is no clear date when this will get better.
Your speculation is as good as mine, but having a CPU getting available 1/4 year after release is just a bad joke.


Even Mindfactory sold more than that 😉


In which country though?

Where I'm living it's not even listed on mindfactory, let alone other sellers.


Germany ofc and they unlist things that they dont have in stock rn, but you can take a look when they restock.