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Screen/Audio Sharing

Hey Everyone,


I wanted to try and use the collective hive mind of the RedTeam in case anybody have an answer to this question that we are trying to figure out.

My buddy and I do a co-stream and we have it set up in a way that we can actually switch between his gameplay and my gameplay at the click of a button. The way we currently achieve this is by myself streaming my game through discord and him picking it up on his end and putting it in OBS.

This seems to be the easiest method we've been able to find that also allows us to work the audio in a certain way. However we would love to know if anybody out there has a suggestion of a program that they use for this kind of thing.

Perhaps something that is a little less intensive than running discord.

If you know of any programs either popular or unpopular please let us know and we might give them a look to see if we could figure out something to be a long-term solution to improve the overall quality of our co-stream.

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Have you tried OBS with the NDi plugin? Obviously you'd have to configure your router, but it might be a little faster/more efficient than Discord. Also Steam allows you to broadcast any Steam game to a friend to watch. You might be able to jury-rig something up there.


Edit: There's also the Teleport plugin for OBS. Like the NDI you'd need to setup a VPN server and client, but it's simpler and allows you to adjust the quality to suit your available bandwidth.

I hadn't heard of either of those plugins, I will give them a look for sure!

**Canadian Gamer & Father -** - Live Wed & Fri at 8:00pm PST - Come join!