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Finally! ASUS not forcing updates anymore on Armoury Crate [RANT]

We can now FINALLY! stop playing the lottery with forced updates on the infamous Armoury Crate.

A couple of years ago I started complaining on their forums that every update from Armoury Crate came with a great chance of laying chaos into your TUF/RoG ecosystem and we shouldn't be having a forced update policy.

Either the profiles would stop working, thus not changing RGB, fan speeds, audio settings, mouse dpi...  Or... some devices would mysteriously disappear leaving you to complete uninstall everything... Or... outright crashing.

And if you don't update, you can't have access to your device settings, not just the RGB. So no key mapping, macros, audio, oled display, fan speeds, energy management, etc..

After praying a bit to Saint Update, we finally have an option to go inside the device and do the update later.

I believe we will have less drama now and finally roll back when problems occur.

Good GO ASUS (finally...)



This is a big deal for the RoG fans with lots of stuff

Example of Audio Settings




The Englishman
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