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Favorite Music Playlists/Genres

Happy Monday Red Team,

It’s ya boi, Wally, back at it with… OK enough of that cheesiness, haha. I hope everyone had a great weekend filled with time for your favorite hobbies, your families, friends, or gaming (or all the above)!

I had all of Saturday to myself (my fiancée works weekends here and there), so you know I spent a lot of time at my PC. I’ve started playing Path of Exile and Starcraft II (custom games to be specific – Tower Defenses) again and remembered how much fun games like those are. In other words, games where you can almost mindlessly grind for hours on end. The kind of game where you just put on some music, sit back in your chair and game. 

I usually listen to the same genres or playlists on Spotify when I game – usually a mix of hip hop or a variety of rock (metal/punk/indie/hardcore/etc.) – and am super interested in knowing if you all like to listen to music or a podcast (or watch TV/movies) while you play a game, do some work, etc. too.


 If so, what do you find yourself listening to typically?

I still have so many games to look into from all of your recommendations the other week, and I’ll likely follow up on those in the near future, so your music may help keep me going!

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I listen to a lot of instrumentals now (Shoutout to Evil Needle, thank me later) But I still listen to rap, but my teenhood rap. Don't listen a lot to the newer stuff. So Jay-Z, Cam'Ron, T.I, Jeezy, etc. and I'll switch it up with other genres. I can listen to almost anything outside of that screaming Death Metal wildness. 😆

And weekend had me in the first half. Then I saw the Ravens get completely embarrassed AT HOME after leading 35-14. 😐

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Instrumentals are something I really enjoy too. I went down a path when I got into hip hop years back that took me through different eras, then flat out instrumentals/beat tapes. Popular producers and DJs like J Dilla, DJ Shadow, madlib, nujabes, etc. etc. (ALSO, sorry about the Ravens if they're your team, haha.)

I as well listen to instrumentals from the 1940' to today's progressive sounds, I can not just play one type of music while gaming I need to hear a wide range it's very relaxing to me.



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Right now if I want to listen to instrumentals I like this band Polyphia. Everyone in the band is just super talented. They have a new song that isn't an instrumental but Playing God, G.O.A.T., the whole album New Levels New Devils, the guitars and bass just blow my mind most of the time. Their drummer is nuts too. 

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Ok, Ok whatchu know about that J Dilla and Nujabes?! The game sorely misses them. May they continue to rest in peace. And yeah, I'm a Ravens fan. By far one of the biggest meltdowns in Baltimore sports history, lol.

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I'll have to check in on you throughout the season then - just for fun, haha. 


I'm more into alternative rock, metal, instrumental and some in game music.

Music needs to be for the right occasion. If I'm on a big trip driving, working, having a coffee or chilling.

The selection:













The Englishman

Definitely agree with music having to be just right for whatever occasion. Love a lot of what you have up here! (Gorillaz, M83, DOOM OST, Sum 41, Tiesto)

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I generally have the 'Massive Attack' station from Pandora running a good part of the day.  Sometimes I switch to jazz though, like when we have people over for Tuesday evening wine events.  Tonight is International night and the theme is wine from Africa.  I have a bottle of Chardonnay from Tunisia to open.  

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I love Massive Attack! Are you a fan of Portishead? Seems like they'd be right up your alley based on your taste.

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Of course.  I have most of their CDs.  Also Radiohead, Pink Floyd and King Crimson.  There are many more.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".
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Oh, I forgot the Sneaker Pimps.  Becoming X is playing as I type this, on Pandora of course.

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Radiohead is actually my all time favorite. Great taste in tunes, Al!

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The music I listen to when I get on the MMO grind is difficult to predict. My taste in music is absolutely random. I will jump from Spotify playlists like Skatepark Punks to Retrowave Synthwave to Out The Mud to Happy Drive to Quarantine Jams. My Discover Weekly playlist is jarring to listen to at times. 

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I really like Polyphia's "New Levels New Devils" album when I grind in MMOs. Either that or some nice Retrowave, or Synthwave tunes on Spotify.

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Polyphia is a great choice! Definitely great music to grind away to in an mmo/dungeon crawler.

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Those Polyphia guys are something else. They are bringing things to a new level as far as instrumentals go. I've been down a few youtube rabbit holes with those guys.

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Your gaming setup is an absolute powerhouse – that ASRock X570 Taichi paired with the Ryzen 7 5700X and that AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT must deliver some mind-blowing performance, especially when diving into MMOs. And 32GB RAM at 3600MHz? Talk about smooth multitasking!

Polyphia's "New Levels New Devils" is an excellent choice for the grind – those intricate guitar riffs and dynamic beats can truly elevate the gaming experience. And when you switch gears to Retrowave or Synthwave on Spotify, it's like transporting yourself to a cyberpunk realm while conquering quests. Your taste in music aligns perfectly with the intensity of MMO battles.

By the way, if you're ever looking to share your gaming setup or showcase those epic gaming moments on Instagram, don't forget to use relevant hashtags like #GamingSetup, #PCGaming, and #TechEnthusiast. It's a surefire way to connect with fellow gamers and tech enthusiasts, potentially boosting your Instagram followers. Keep the gaming vibes strong!

Powering up to the next level,


Old Country Legends.  Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Waylon, Willie and the Boys, The Statler Brothers, Charlie Pride, Garth Brooks, Brooks and Dunn, and my favorite George Strait  You got the picture now.

Some unforgettable memories like the night Dolly Parton sang "I Will Always Love You" on her last appearance on Porter Wagner Show.  Another when she sang "He's Alive" at the CMA awards just a few years back.  The number one hit in 1949, the year I was born, Ghost Riders In The Sky" by Stan Jones.  Perhaps that is why it has always been my favorite song.  Of all the remakes, I feel like Johnny Cash did it more justice than any.  If you have never heard "Chattanooga City Limits Sign" by Johnny Cash you have to look it up.  You will love it.

That's who I am. Country music  and Westerns.


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Thanks for sharing


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I have to say I'm pretty into Metal. Just about everything in my life has metal playing in the background, especially gaming. There's a tiny bit of 90's Punk Rock thrown in there, but mostly it's Metal. I'll link my current Spotify Daily Mix for anyone interested in having their face melted off with blistering riffs.



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I normally turn in-game music off. I want to hear my opponent approaching by their footsteps. 

When I'm playing NFS with my buddy, I'll let the soundtrack play. NFS Heat had some great tracks.

When I'm not gaming, it's mainly power metal. 

When I just want to relax, it's some chill EDM. 

When I'm at the BBQ pit chilling out with a beer or a bourbon and watching the smoke roll over some meat, it's Blues.

Hanging out with Dad, 70s and 80s classic rock. It's the stuff I grew up on. Hanging out with mom, flamenco guitar, and classic rock.

Driving in my car: if it's just my commute to work the sound of the engine. Long trips it's more metal, unless I'm trying to wind down after a busy day and a drive home at night. Then I go with chillstep or D&B.

It varies.

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Hey Wally!

Your gaming session sounds like a blast! It's always a good time when you can lose yourself in some games and tunes. Here's my take on your question:

:video_game: Gaming Vibes:

  • When I'm deep into a gaming session, music is a must. It adds another layer to the experience, whether I'm exploring vast landscapes or engaging in intense battles.

:musical_notes: Soundtrack of Choice:

  • My go-to genres are usually electronic (especially when I need some focus), or I switch to classic rock for a more laid-back vibe. The beats of hip hop can also make those virtual adventures even more exciting.

:microphone: Podcast Pause:

  • While I enjoy podcasts during work or chores, gaming is all about the music. It's like creating a personal soundtrack for the virtual world. Get spotify++ free from

🤘 Rock On:

  • I'm with you on the rock genres – metal, punk, indie – they all have their moments. There's something about a well-timed guitar riff that enhances the gaming experience.

:magnifying_glass_tilted_left: Game Discovery:

  • Your upcoming game explorations sound exciting! Discovering new games accompanied by a killer playlist is a gaming ritual worth looking forward to.

Keep those playlists going strong, and may your gaming adventures be epic! Looking forward to hearing about your future gaming endeavors. :rocket::video_game::musical_note:

Adept I

Hey Wally! Sounds like you had an awesome gaming weekend. I can totally relate to the joy of diving into Path of Exile and Starcraft II custom games – both classics in their own right. As for the music choice, I'm right there with you. Hip hop and a mix of rock genres create the perfect backdrop for gaming sessions. It's like the soundtrack to your victories and epic moments.

By the way, have you checked out any gaming influencers on Instagram lately? They often share cool tips and tricks for Path of Exile and Starcraft II. You might find some awesome content and gain a few more followers to share your gaming experiences with! :video_game:

Adept I

Sounds like you had a epic gaming weekend! It's always awesome to dive into some classics like Path of Exile and Starcraft II. As for the music, I'm totally with you on the hip hop and rock vibes – such a killer combo for the gaming grind.

Personally, I'm all about creating the perfect playlist to accompany my gaming sessions. Picture this: you're deep into a Tower Defense match, the beats are dropping, and the adrenaline is pumping – pure gaming nirvana. Whether it's the lyrical flow of hip hop or the raw energy of rock, the right soundtrack can elevate the gaming experience to a whole new level.

Speaking of playlists, if you're looking for some fresh tunes to amp up your gaming sessions, I've got a killer playlist on Spotify. It's got the best of hip hop and rock, curated for those intense gaming moments. 🤘:video_game:

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Having grown up in the ghetto, I like soul, RnB, hip hop and the odd indie track here and there, I also like FYC, Coldplay, black eyed peas and many other main stream bands and artists... As well as some lesser known small groups/singers... 

When gamin the music is off most of the time, except for a few games which have music I like... Like gta, farcry n borderlands... 

My partner also weekends, so I spend many a weekend gaming, I miss the grindy games like aoe and dayz most but just can't seem to get back into them (I put it down to the chitty 22inch  Hitachi tv that I'm using as a monitor at the moment.. 

Most of the time the TV is always on, with the volume low (like 5 - 10)... I like to hear the gameplay sounds most of the time as it helps me hear bandits lol and if don't hear them, then they kill me 😂...

My brother, used to like Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd  with everything... 


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Great article, Wally! It’s always awesome to see fellow gamers enjoying their weekend grind with some great tunes. Personally, I find that having the right music is essential when diving into long gaming sessions. I tend to lean towards custom Spotify playlists tailored for gaming, which can really enhance the experience, especially for games that require hours of grinding like Path of Exile or even while playing tower defense games in StarCraft II.

For those looking to get the most out of their music while gaming, I've found that using a Spotify Premium MOD APK 2024 can really elevate the experience. It allows for uninterrupted, high-quality streaming, which is perfect when you’re in the middle of an intense gaming session and don’t want any distractions. If anyone's interested in learning more about it, you can check out this Spotify Premium MOD APK 2024 for more details.

As for my music preferences, it really varies. Sometimes I’m in the mood for some energetic hip hop or metal to keep the adrenaline up, and other times, I prefer something more mellow like indie or a good podcast. How about everyone else? What’s your go-to music genre when you’re deep in the gaming zone?

Most of the time i wont be listening to to music when im gaming, because i like to concentrate on the game and become emersed in it. i find music tends to be too distracting. thats just me though. 

once in awhile i will listen to music, but it definitely has to the fit the vibe of the game like if im playing RDR2 im listening to country, and if im running hard through through COD or something like that im listening to some good Metallica or something like that. it just depends on the game and mood, as you said first. 

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Hey Wally! Glad to hear you had a great weekend and got some quality gaming time in. Path of Exile and Starcraft II are classics for sure! There's something really satisfying about those games where you can just chill and grind away with some good tunes in the background.

I’m with you on the music front—having a solid playlist can really elevate the gaming experience. I usually go for a mix of electronic and rock, but I’ve been diving into some synthwave lately, which has been awesome for those longer gaming sessions. Podcasts are another go-to for me, especially when I’m doing something repetitive in a game. It keeps things interesting and makes the time fly by.

By the way, if you're looking to mix up your music selection, you might want to check out Spotify Premium Apk 2024. It’s a great way to explore new playlists and genres without the interruptions of ads, plus you get offline listening, which is a lifesaver.

What about you? Any specific playlists or bands you’d recommend? Always on the lookout for new music to game to!