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Event/Promotion you just can't miss!

I don't know about you, but I know there are a couple of events - be it IRL or InGame - that I just can't help to participate in when they come around each year.

In Canada, we have two IRL promotions that I always go out of my way to participate in:

1) McDonalds Monopoly


Monopoly - EN.png

I could sometimes go a whole year without thinking of McDs - other than the occasional Coffee and Chicken Nuggets for the kids. However, when Monopoly is on, I go out of my way to buy McDs. I know the odds of winning are stupid low, but I fall victim to those golden arches and amazing fries!

2) Timmy's Roll-Up-The-Rim


This one is definitely my favourite event. I go out of my way to buy coffee and tea for people with the caveat that I get to keep any rolls and prizes that the coffee or tea might bring. I mean, you are going to have coffee every day so why not try to win some prizes? I know this makes me sound like I am addicted to gambling, but I don't care for casinos and the lottery. However, you mix food and the chance to win prizes and I AM ALL IN!

3) Midsummer Fire Festival - WoW


When I used to play WoW this was an event I would look forward to all year. I loved flying around and lighting all the fires, playing the mini-games and trying to complete all challenges and achievements. They were always so much fun! I always love how the festival brought out such comradery in people. It was a lot of fun.


So what about you guys, any events / promotions / things you just can't miss?

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