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Adept II

[Compliment] "Enhanced Filtering" in the Record area of Radeon, is great so far!

Not sure if this is the right Forum sorry but it's not 'Gaming' and it's not really a call for 'Support' - but I just wanted to say that I've been trying "Enhanced Filtering" with Recording with my AMD GPU - and it's great, in my opinion!

I am guessing that it adds some Deblocking to the AVC compression, but I didn't analyze it greatly. It seems to help more when doing lower-bitrate recording by smoothing things out a bit
(deblocking is an option in the compression process can 'smooth out' compression artifacts from over-compression of the video stream, hiding things like 'mosquito noise' [the goobly-looking areas right around text and hard edges] and the 'macroblocks' themselves [the hard changes between areas of compressing the video that look like block-sized-areas])

Just wanted to say keep up the great work! I don't have a lot of drive space around, so it seems to helps my low-bitrate recordings look a bit better - thank you!

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